Family Time, German Chocolate Cake and Peanut Butter Balls — Trisha Yearwood Celebrates Father’s Day With Garth Brooks

by in Food Network Chef, Holidays, June 15th, 2013

Trisha YearwoodWhile some families craft extensive plans and elaborate surprises to honor their dads on Father’s Day, the scene at the Yearwood-Brooks home will be far more low-key tomorrow. For Trisha, her husband, Garth, and his three daughters, there will be just one item on the agenda: spend time together enjoying some of Dad’s most-treasured treats.

“As long as his girls are all three in the same place, that’s huge,” Trisha told FN Dish of Garth when we caught up with her last month. “Now we have two [daughters] in college and one in high school, so getting everybody together is harder.” When the family is finally under one roof, especially at a time like this weekend, quality time is of the utmost importance. “Father’s Day really is just whatever Dad wants to do, and it always means he wants to have his girls there, so it’s always just something with them,” Trisha says of how they’ll be celebrating tomorrow.

No holiday with Trisha is complete without a spread of sweet Southern eats, of course, and tomorrow’s menu will surely not disappoint. Perhaps the most-important dish of the day will be German chocolate cake, as it’s “[Garth’s] favorite,” according to Trisha. “I made [it] for his birthday and for Father’s Day, so he’ll be having that for sure.” Although she jokes that Garth is “not allowed” to cook on Father’s Day, she may make an exception if he wants to prepare “Miss” Mickey’s Peanut Butter Balls (pictured right) with his daughters. Trisha adds that this recipe is ideal if moms or dads are in the kitchen with their little ones because it’s “really easy.” Plus, the five ingredients it calls for are likely already stocked in your pantry. “If the adult does the hot stuff on the stove, then once it’s all mixed together you can put it out on wax paper and the kids can rolls them into balls,” Trisha explains. “And that’s a really cool thing they can do together.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Hank says:

    Hey Trisha! America needs a new Duet album or CD. You and Garth. People used to love George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

  2. pmk says:

    I don't think you are giving Paula Deen a fair deal…..if you don't understand the enviroment she
    grew up in….you can't understand why she had to answer yes to that question. I grew up in Virginia
    amazingly unprejudice in my feelings about race, but I kind of think it is a miracle considering what
    was going on around me. I even had a truly obnoxious uncle with a black dog "named" the N word.
    Black field workers called each other that word. Thankfully things have changed dramatically for
    the better, most people have learned to think about each other and become more sensitive to words
    that hurt. When people learn better, they do better….but you can't change history!

  3. elden says:

    When they going to end your contract Trisha..I'm way more offended by you going on tour with garth and doing the bedrock with a married man……Your comment comes across like you are proud of yourself……

  4. elden says:

    I would love to hire a private detective…lets see what we can dig up on the others at foo network…….
    We alreay know that Trisha was on tour with Garth Doing the bed rock while his wife was at home raising his children….

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