Vanity Fair Names Food Network Chefs Best-Dressed

by in Food Network Chef, June 21st, 2013

Geoffrey ZakarianBoth on and off camera, celebrity chefs are saying goodbye to aprons and hello to chic style. Four Food Network chefs — Alton, Giada, Geoffrey and Marcus — made Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed Chefs list. We all know their food and/or restaurants are worthy of praise, but their individual styles earned applause from the fashion world.

Bad fashion is on the chopping block for Geoffrey Zakarian. His slick New York City style includes tortoiseshell glasses (he actually has 12 pairs) and pastel button-downs. Geoffrey seamlessly trades his chef’s jacket for a crisp gingham shirt and sport coat.

Alton Brown’s come a long way from his quirky Good Eats costumes. Now he can be spotted with his trademark modern vintage style including dapper bow ties, hipster spectacles and tweed blazers. On this season of Food Network Star, you’ll find him rocking plaid button-downs, retro fedoras and well-tailored suits.

Giada De Laurentiis’ wardrobe is like many of her Italian recipes — simple and elegant. When filming her shows, Giada sticks with comfortable jewel-tone tops so she can roll up her sleeves and get cooking. During special appearances, Giada’s known for her form-fitting dresses, less-is-more accessories and platform heels to give her 5’2” frame extra height.

Marcus Samuelsson has mastered the fine line between trendy and classic. His European upbringing influenced his vibrant style. As a judge on Chopped, he can be spotted in bold scarves, bright colors and layered looks. Some may say Chef Samuelsson’s brilliant smile is his best accessory.

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Comments (15)

  1. Deb says:

    I'm not a fan of Paula Deen or her recipes, but I feel she is being punished for being honest! She's a 66 y/o woman from Georgia for Pete's sake so if I had to place my bet, I'd say there's a pretty good chance she has used the "N" word. She admits to using it a long time ago. The "a long time ago" fact got lost on all the news and entertainment shows that thrive because of their smut journalism practices.

  2. MasonDixonGal says:

    I see the FOODNETWORK is still using all of Paula Deen's recipes and videos, but you have stopped her shows and stripped her pictures off the site along with cancelling her contract. You destroy her life but keep using her recipes and videos. What kind of people are you?

    I do agree Giada's fashion is the best,sorry I can't watch her anymore.

  3. Ron says:

    Since your cooking shows SUCK without Paula, you are now the Clothes Network!
    How long before your network is no more?

  4. Alex Clark says:

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  5. finances says:

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