30-Minute Lemon Pasta Salad — Most Popular Pin of the Week

by in Community, June 30th, 2013

Lemon Pasta SaladFilled with fresh vegetables and crumbled feta cheese, this week’s Most Popular Pin of the Week is a go-to pasta salad dressed with a simple mixture of lemon juice and mustard.

For more everyday recipe inspiration, visit Food Network’s Let’s Cook: Recipe of the Day board on Pinterest.

Get the recipe: 30-Minute Lemon Pasta Salad

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Comments (12)

  1. Fan says:

    "If the Food Network is going to fire Paula Deen then they also need to fire Chef Malto Mario because he had to pay out $6 million. They should also fire Anne Burrell who was sued for sexual discrimination; they would also need to fire CHEF CAT CORA WHO WAS ARRESTED FOR DUI FOR HAVING A BLOOD ALCOHOL 3 TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT AND SCREAMED PROFANITIES AT PEOPLE. DINNER IMPOSSIBLE'S ROBERT IRVINE WAS CAUGHT LYING ABOUT HIS BACKGROUND CLAIMING HE USED TO COOK FOR THE ROYAL FAMILY; IRON CHEF BOBBY FLAY WAS ALSO SUED AND SETTLED FOR ALMOST $1 MILLION BECAUSE HE TOO KEPT TIPS FROM HIS EMPLOYEES and cheated on both his wives, IRON CHEF MORIMOTO WAS ALSO SUED FOR SKIMMING TIPS AND WAGES FROM HIS EMPLOYEES; Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading; FOOD NETWORK CHEF GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY TO AVOID A LAWSUIT – 152 OF HIS DISGRUNTLED WORKERS SUED HIM; Chef Juan Carlos Cruz who hired a homeless man to kill his wife.

  2. fan says:

    The above comment was copied and posted by shared Brian Brandon's .

  3. Brenda says:

    Shame on Food network for poor judgement in firing Paula Deen, She has helped make your network through all these years and you FIRE HER and don't even have all the facts. So irrational. How narrow minded. So disappointed in your network. No longer looking at Food Network. She made a mistake – she is not a criminal.

  4. none of you buss. says:

    Why would anybody want any thing from the food network. Your treatment of Paula Dean is horrid and so are the boobs who run this network.

  5. Guest says:

    What a bunch of phonies you cannot tell me they have not at some time made a racist, sexist or offensive comment. My Food Network subscription will end soon and I will not renew their rag. I also will make sure I will boycott Kohls food network work items.

  6. NRM says:

    I,too, think firing Paula Deen was a knee jerk reaction. to a comment made many years ago. I am not a culinary fan of Deen but I think she was really railroaded. Was this an excuse to get rid of her ? She is older and you have so many new people to fit in. In any case it is a poor reflection on The Food Network.

  7. ursula ketrow says:

    Her punishment went way too far.

  8. judy millette says:

    No more viewing for me…until YOU apologize to Miss Paula.

  9. fan says:

    I agree with the others, Paula got a dirty deal. She was one of the original cooks that made the Food Network. She certainly deserves, at the very least, a heartfelt apology, she lost everything not just her job at the network.

  10. Anita says:

    Tired of seeing, the "Boo hoo Paula was fired" crowd posting on FN recipes threads wasting space when most of us would prefer to see how the recipe turned out for folks. Personally, I never made one of Paula Deen's recipes, and dismissed her show after the first watching her a couple of times. Glad to see new FN hosts focused on local fresh produce instead of recipes loaded with bacon, butter, and boxed ingredients.

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