WATCH: Food Network Stars Reveal Their Nightmare Chopped Ingredients

by in View All Posts, May 24th, 2013

Just imagine what the contestants go through every round on Chopped when they each stand in front of a mystery basket, getting ready to open the lid just as the clock goes off. It’s surely a feeling of dread as to what ingredients they might find inside, maybe even something that could cause nightmares, like an odd piece of offal, an exotic fruit or even candy.

FN Dish caught up with Food Network stars including Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Anne Burrell, as well as the judges themselves and other famous faces, to ask: “What’s your nightmare Chopped ingredient?” Watch the video above to hear which ingredient causes the most nightmares.

What would be your nightmare basket ingredient? Tell us in the comments.

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Comments (109)

  1. mikcila says:

    My husband says there should be…

    A Bourbon in the first box and kidneys, spring onions, garlic butter

    A Brandy in the second box and liver (chicken/beef), hamburger rolls, olives (pimento)

    And Rum in the third box and any caramel and chocolate bar, limes, saffron

  2. mikcila says:

    Or a super-savoury one:

    Macon (Beef bacon)
    with crackers (if you could have 5 ingredients)


    Patty Pans
    Champagne or Sparkling wine (Brut)
    and two-minute microwave noodles

  3. mikcila says:


    Budweiser, free range chicken fillets, sage and tabasco in the first box

    Guinness, lamb knuckles, baby marrows (zucchini) and sundried tomatoes in the second box

    Alcoholic Apple cider, cream cheese, M&M's and habanero chillies in the third box

  4. mikcila says:

    Or a total dairy free, wheat/gluten free(maybe even starch free because of the SCD diet), egg free, preservative and additive free, nut free, sugar free, fat free and free-range-and-organic-products-only episode dedicated to people with dietary problems or autistic children.

  5. Wendi says:

    Worst ingredients for contestants – funniest for home viewers: Peeps and Spam

  6. W.G. says:

    How about some difficult Chinese ingredients, such as dried black mushroom, ginger roots, and wood ear mushroom, etc.? And how about ingredients for Szechuan Cuisine: fermented soy beans, hot pickled mustard, chili sauce, bean sauce, and Szechuan pepper? Please be clarified that Szechuan pepper is not a pepper at all. It is a berry that comes from the prickly ash tree and is one of the ingredients in five-spice powder. It's not as hot as chili pepper, but it numbs the tongue pretty nicely. I would love to see how our Chopped contestants handle this special Szechuan pepper.

  7. Asia says:

    Boiled peanuts

  8. Linda says:

    nutria, chicken feet, hard boiled eggs, taffy, rice cakes !

  9. sandy says:

    Where can I buy the painted mixer that Ree Drummond uses on Pioneer Women…is it made by Kitchen Aid??? or was it done by someone for her?? thanks..

  10. Guest says:

    Soy sauce, limes, grasshoppers, and carrots

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