WATCH: Food Network Stars Reveal Their Nightmare Chopped Ingredients

by in View All Posts, May 24th, 2013

Just imagine what the contestants go through every round on Chopped when they each stand in front of a mystery basket, getting ready to open the lid just as the clock goes off. It’s surely a feeling of dread as to what ingredients they might find inside, maybe even something that could cause nightmares, like an odd piece of offal, an exotic fruit or even candy.

FN Dish caught up with Food Network stars including Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Anne Burrell, as well as the judges themselves and other famous faces, to ask: “What’s your nightmare Chopped ingredient?” Watch the video above to hear which ingredient causes the most nightmares.

What would be your nightmare basket ingredient? Tell us in the comments.

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Comments (109)

  1. Scootledoo says:

    I would like to see the following in a future episode:

    Chef Boyardee Raviolis;
    Circus Peanuts (nasty orange colored candy);
    Gilfilte fish (sp?), never eaten it. Only see it in the store during Passover. Does not look appetizing.

    There's a challenge!

  2. CountryCook says:

    Network is overreacting to Paula Deen issue. As a 63 year old women from a NC small cotton mill town, I heard and said the N word until I was 4 years old. I learned that the smiles and nods and tone of voice meant that the word was mean. The more approved word Colored was on the segregated water fountains and toliets. As the culture of the South changed for the better, I had to learn tolerance for some of my own bigoted, older friends and relatives. When are we going to let go of the emotional reaction to something that is now just a word. The only time I ever hear it now is in some rap music and even that is diminishing for the better. If Paula has offended someone then she should apologize to that person;and, I'm sure the lawsuit will take care of that. But why should she apologize to a nation? What does a lawsuit have to do with her products? By making a big deal over this we perpetuate the importance of this word. We should be celebrating the positive changes all persons have made as our country has grown and matured.

  3. d Fairchilds says:

    Goodbye. I have removed you from my channel lineup. I am notifying very sponsor I can find that I will no longer use there products.

    Was it worth it?

  4. Joe Human says:

    the worst nightmare ingredient would be food network hypocrites'
    look at all the fingers pointing back at you, no matter the color

  5. mikcila says:

    I think the worst ingredient to have would be something like chocolate in all three courses, since you would really really have to be inventive to be better than the others. It's not always the most difficult combination that shows the best. The yummiest and easiest combinations can be the most difficult, because it forces you more than ever to think outside the box to outdo your competitors.

  6. mikcila says:

    A basket with the following might also be quite challenging:

    Rose petals
    Beef fillet
    Sake – rice wine


    Arborio Rice
    Cacao Beans
    Instant Coffee
    Chicken Stock

  7. Erika says:

    I think they should try to do Extra Flamin Hot Hot Cheetos and marshmallows in one course for desert I think that would be a crazy combination.

  8. Erika says:

    I think it should be…..

    1.Hot Cheetos
    4.Chopped liver

    And that would be challenging.

  9. mikcila says:

    I have another one!
    Cayenne Pepper
    Butternut Squash


    Chilli flakes
    Lamb Cutlets
    Maraschino Cherries in syrup
    Wasabi paste

    Or something like:

    Chocolate (Belgian)
    Custard Powder

  10. mikcila says:

    Or even better…

    All purpose flour
    and (if you could have 5 ingredients) – Gouda Cheese

    ( I love these ingredients because the first thing that comes to mind is cheese straws with a great cocktail!)

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