WATCH: Food Network Stars Reveal Their Nightmare Chopped Ingredients

by in View All Posts, May 24th, 2013

Just imagine what the contestants go through every round on Chopped when they each stand in front of a mystery basket, getting ready to open the lid just as the clock goes off. It’s surely a feeling of dread as to what ingredients they might find inside, maybe even something that could cause nightmares, like an odd piece of offal, an exotic fruit or even candy.

FN Dish caught up with Food Network stars including Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Anne Burrell, as well as the judges themselves and other famous faces, to ask: “What’s your nightmare Chopped ingredient?” Watch the video above to hear which ingredient causes the most nightmares.

What would be your nightmare basket ingredient? Tell us in the comments.

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  2. Another show I'd like to see would be Chopped, but with just one basket with enough ingredients for the 3 courses. Contestants would have to decide what to use in each course and would have to use all ingredients.

  3. they need a version of chopped but using home atmosphere only (no instant chillers or fancy things like that)
    the only thing they should have there is a stove, some countertop appliances, and that's it.

  4. Leah says:

    You're an idiot!!

  5. Kim says:

    Now that would be an episode to remember!

  6. Deb says:

    This section posed readers a question of "What would be your nightmare basket ingredient? So all of you Paula Deen lovers please take your comments to the appropriate forum and leave this Chopped one free of your nonsense. Thanks ever so much.

  7. Texas eater says:

    I doubt is there is anyone at the Food Network that has NOT used an ethnic slur in their ENTIRE life. Paula Deen was raised and grew up in the South where this was a common word. There are ethnic slurs used against every race. Paula has been singled out by someone that has a vendetta for her. Bring Paula back to the network and then take a survey of everyone and ask them if they have EVER used that word. How can you not know the word when you can hear it while walking down just about any public street where AAs are congregating.

  8. W.G. says:

    I don't agree with you. I am a naturalized American citizen, therefore I wasn't born in this country. Not having been in this country my whole life, I have already felt great prejudice and stereotyping being not in the so-called mainstream culture. I have got bad/hurtful words even from my white mother-in-law. I have not heard any bad words against mainstream people from any colored food networks hosts/hostesses. So get real!

  9. W.G says:

    My Caucasian husband refused to watch anything by Jamie Foxx because of his extremely racial comments. You watched Django Unchained? He killed that stupid sister of the slave master at the end too. I think she deserved it, absolutely. How about when your white mother in law who never really worked in her whole life, never went to a college, can't make her own living (meaning a parasite?), but still thinks she is better than a colored immigrant who makes 6 digits a year because of her/his education and skills?

  10. geri says:

    I will have to agree with country cook and respectfully disagree with you. I am Asian American. All I can say is that I have never heard any slurs raised against me. And frankly, if I heard one, I'd say as one Korean mentor had taught me to say…"Oh well, too bad you feel like that. You'd probably like me if you knew me, but if you feel that way, your loss." There are mean people from all walks of life. But there also are just ignorant people who, due to their culture, just don't realize that what they say is hurtful…we are talking about something that happened over 20 years ago, and America was a different place. And when Paula Deene was growing up in the South, however many years that was ago, it was certainly a very different place than it is right now. And why is it that an African-American can say that word to another AA and no one bats an eye? If it is about the dignity of another human being, no one should say that word, least of all someone who is AA!!!! This is not specifically to get Paula Deene's show back on Food Network…frankly, I don't watch her show, she kinda irritates me, but it is not because I think that she is a racist!

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