The Top 5 Most Shocking Moments on Mystery Diners

by in Shows, May 23rd, 2013

Mystery DinersWhen a restaurant owner suspects his or her employees are not doing their jobs properly, they call Charles Stiles of Mystery Diners. With a sting operation that includes hidden cameras set up on location and a team of mystery diners who pose as customers and/or employees, Charles gets to the core of what’s happening. In most cases the employee is found to be stealing, lying or simply doing lousy work, but in some extraordinary situations, what gets revealed is shocking.

FN Dish recently caught up with Charles to talk about some of the most shocking moments he’s seen in his experience on the show. Here are his top-five moments (so far).

5. Ca’Brea in Los Angeles (Season 2, Valet Disservice) — The valet driver was stealing from customers’ vehicles and using the vehicles for food deliveries with the delivery guy as his accomplice.

4. Putter’s Bar & Grill in Las Vegas (Season 2, Night Shift) — The overnight bartender and manager was running his own bar out of the restaurant, serving his own alcohol, charging a fee at the door and letting the customers cook their own food in the kitchen.

3. La Traviata in Long Beach, Calif. (Season 2, Something Smells Fishy) — The head chef of the restaurant, which features organic ingredients and top-quality seafood, was found to be purchasing lower-grade seafood and produce that wasn’t organic so he could pocket the difference in cost.

2. Catharsis in Miami (Season 3, Dining in the Dark) — The employees of the restaurant, which features blindfolded dining, were caught messing with the diners. Their improper behavior included eating food off of plates, licking food, inappropriate touching and stealing.

1. Whiskey Dick’s in Las Vegas (Season 2, Singles Night) — The female night manager of the restaurant was running a dating service out of the restaurant using the waitresses to lure in male patrons.

Tune in to Season 3 of Mystery Diners on Fridays at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (42)

  1. Nobby says:

    Are you all kidding me? Fake? Of course it's fake, obviously fake perhaps? Yes! Do you honestly think they couldn't make a better fake than this? They make it obvious because of the trouble they would be in for trying to actually deceive the public. The food network would be closed down quicker than Paula Deen's "N Word" restaurant.

  2. Drew C says:

    Food Network, you should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to pass this utter garbage off as reality. Pathetic acting, horrible dialogue – I could act better than this. What a farce…but the fact that you try to pass it off as real!? Shame!

  3. mjg says:

    i watch it but i find it hard to believe this show is real. They seem to do everything so fast as far as seting up cameras. And if all this were happening, i would have a police officer included in these stings.

    • Robert Ostrowski says:

      mjg – I, too, would have a policer offier included in all of these "Mystery Diners" stings but by all means have the police be stationed inside the exact same location as Charles Stiles and his cameras are at, so that any unacceptable behavior on the part of the affected person(s) can be handled by the police. But let me assure you that this show IS in fact real – it's as real as watching the famous police TV drama series "Dragnet" from 1967-1970 – they always say "The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent". Imagine how Officer Joe Friday would feel about dealing with shocking situations like the kind that Mystery Diners' cameras expose and broadcast.

  4. Irritated says:

    Seriously!!!! WHY IS THIS SHOW STILL RUNNING?????? The fact that Food Network even runs this program anymore makes it VERY HARD for me to continue to watching any of their programs! I'll be removing an Food Network Programs from DVR from now on.
    It's as bad as MTV (Music Television) RARELY showing music! Food Network used to be about cooking shows, it's a shame this is the kind of programing it's coming to!

  5. Alexander says:

    Just watched my first episode with the wife featuring Newport Beach Brewery. We couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous this was. I mean seriously, you could LITERALLY SEE the customers grinning as if they know they're on a "hidden camera" show. And don't get me started on the bad acting. At one point I was in tears by how terrible it was. Mystery Diners makes WWE wrestling look like non-fiction documentary.

  6. Rocco says:

    Food Network – shame on you – this show is trash – welcome to the TLC and TruTv trash that is television.

  7. Skeptical says:

    Why would the "bad employees" sign the releases to allow their faces to be shown on TV if it wasn't fake? If they were legitimate employees they would be pretty much guaranteeing that they would never get another job, except for in the entertainment industry. And don't get me started about the alleged hidden cameras (with transmitters) in the glasses and the sound quality of the target in a crowded noisy restaurant.

  8. chad says:

    Could tell this was fake the first time i saw it.Food Network,I'm ashamed of you.

  9. Commodore says:

    Watched this show for the first time today. I was literally laughing out loud at how fake it was. I decided to Google it as I had to confirm that I wasn't the only viewer to identify the despicable acting – most popular Google search for the show: "Mystery diners fake"

    This will definitely be cancelled sooner rather than later. Truly pathetic.

  10. Guest says:

    I actually called Sisley's Italian restaurant and spoke to the manager because I was concerned for Pam the accountant, who did do things like talk on the phone and nap during business hours, but, as long as she got her work done, it shouldn't matter what else she did. The manager told me it was totally scripted and totally fake. I can't believe that Food Network would do this. It's just wrong for them to betray our trust.

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