Spatula Love — The Product Puree

by in Family, May 8th, 2013

Spatula LoveWhat’s your favorite piece of kitchen equipment? I’m not talking about your fancy stand mixer or mega-speed blender. I’m talking about the thing that time and time again assists in the smallest of kitchen tasks. For me, hands down, it’s a spatula. But the difference in all the brands on the market can make a mega-watt difference. I’ve used spatulas that heated up to the point I could almost wipe the outside coating of plastic off after it hit something hot, like soup or a sauce, so always make sure to use ones that are heat-resistant to 500 degrees F. I’ve also tried those oversized spatulas that should be used only when trying to mix 50 gallons of cookie dough in an industrial kitchen.

And how about getting the remaining mustard or ketchup out of a jar or bottle? It says there’s 9 to 15 ounces inside, but I would guarantee you toss out a good 2 ounces each time because it’s so challenging to figure a way to get the remaining spoonfuls out.

If I could equip every kitchen in the country, I would make sure they had a few of these not-so-fancy — but endlessly useful — tools. For what you’ll save by getting the last few bites of your favorite jarred foods in a year, they’ll pay for themselves.

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Comments (2)

  1. Patti says:

    Will they replace a spatula that has broken on the plastic portion?

  2. Rena says:

    I have a Food Network silicone spatula which I don't use very often because it is not as flat for turning food in the frying pan as my old one. Yesterday I used it for kind of a vegetable fry. Some food stuck to it after we finished eating and I ate it. It tasted horrible. Is silicone safe to come in contact with food? I am certainly not comfortable with it if it makes food taste so bad.

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