Iron Chef Bobby Flay Off the Clock

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Iron Chef Bobby FlayI am often asked which Iron Chef is the most intimidating to judge in Kitchen Stadium, and without hesitation, I always reply, “Bobby Flay.” His well-earned reputation, coupled with that calm penetrating stare when a panelist dares to give a negative comment on one of his dishes, is enough to make even the toughest of critics shrivel like a salted slug.

Fortunately for me, he definitely seems to bring his “A” game when I am on the panel, and although he is not always victorious, I am constantly reminded of why he is the chef so many contenders want to test their culinary chops against.

I grabbed a couple of minutes with Iron Chef Flay before battle to ask him these, 10 very important questions.

The Cookery Police are going to raid your house and take all of your books. They allow you to save one. Which would it be?
BF: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook by Judy Rodgers

Who was your culinary mentor(s)?
BF: Jonathan Waxman and Wolfgang Puck

What is your single favorite piece of kitchen equipment?
BF: Chimney starter

Have you ever considered that any ingredient in Kitchen Stadium was beneath you?
BF: No, not at all.

Have you ever put a dish in front of the judges on Iron Chef America that you knew was lousy, but you got away with it?
BF: No. I made a fondue out of goat cheese that sucked and the judges hated it, rightly so.

I know you like to travel as much as your schedule allows. Which country’s cuisine has been the most surprising in its variety and quality?
BF: Ireland. It has a bad rep for cuisine, but the ingredients are amazing and the chefs are changing the culinary landscape.

Is there one chef out there that you would love to persuade to battle you on Iron Chef America?
BF: That’s easy: Gordon Ramsay.

Could you survive without green chili?
BF: Yes, but only if you don’t take the red ones, as well.

What would be the one tip you would give any aspiring young chef?
BF: Work for a chef whose food you respect and absorb all you can.

Name your three desert-island ingredients.
BF: Ice cream, bourbon and red chili

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Comments (11)

  1. lcsa99 says:

    Would LOVE to see Gordon Ramsay compete on Iron Chef!

  2. Alan says:

    Did Bobby Flay lose in the prelims of the Iron Chef Tournament?

  3. debi says:

    Ramsey on irob chef would be a true not to be missed show, especially against

  4. GregLee says:

    Cooking is fun. Food is fun. Contests are boring.

  5. Nic says:

    i think Ramsay would beat Flay, and not even need all those people helping him, why don't they make it a one on one contest

  6. feleisha says:

    Love this show an bobby flay an its an ispiration to me an when i finish school im going to be just like one of u guys

  7. holly hughes says:

    almond chicken sweet an sour burger, 1 package won tons,1 pound ground chicken,2 cups almonds ground like bread crumbs add 2 tb spoons flour make small patty from chicken dip in egg then almond mix fry until coating is golden, remove,place in middle of wonton, top with bobby sweet an sour sauce,top with Chinese spring vegetables,top with another won ton seal edges with egg,deep fat fry until golden, drain,serve with more of bobby flay sweet an sour. love your flay ha ha ha thought u could do something good with this, thanks gratitude to u for all the fun shows. thanks

  8. Tom says:

    Why wasn't Bobby Flay in the tournament? Is he afraid he might get beaten — so it isn't really a true tournament of champions — or did Flay's usual arrogance make him refuse to compete?

  9. Grace Ann Hahl says:

    Arrogance? Bobby? Umm…okay. I guess he CAN be arrogant, but that's only because he's very passionate about what he makes. The guy's got a HUGELY competitive nature, but according to an article I red, outside of battle he's very quiet. So you guys need to chill out about his personality. (Seriously guys, I've watched Bobby compete, I would know.)

  10. Grace Ann Hahl says:

    Would be cool, I'd bet it would be anyone's game if that were to happen though.

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