Are You Food Network’s Biggest Fan?

by in Contests, Food Network Magazine, May 13th, 2013

Morimoto with fansProve it! Enter Food Network’s Biggest Fan Contest and you could win the chance to hang out with your favorite stars at the 2013 New York City Wine & Food Festival. You and a guest will fly roundtrip on United Airlines and stay at the Hudson Hotel in the heart of New York City. You’ll also receive a $1,000 gift card. Tell us in 150 words or less why you’re Food Network’s biggest fan, then upload one to two photos displaying your devotion to Food Network. Enter here by June 24, 2013.

(Photograph from New York City Wine & Food Festival)

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Comments (4)

  1. B Johnson says:

    Food network is the only network for me, I watch it anytime I am home, cook the recipes and follow the joints when I can on Triple D. Love the Food network!

  2. Nancy I. Shockley says:

    What can I say. I am a 73-year-old gal from Topeka, KS. I have been watching food show (when I could find them) since the 1960s. We lived in a small town (Logan, population approximately 600) so we didn't get a lot of great TV/ However, I think I in the 70s there was lady from Nebraska who had a weekly cooking show. I still have her cookbook. If you never saw one, you wouldn't believe how simple they were. Anyway, I advanced to eventually to food network and would love to share some of my memories with the chefs today. Thanks for the shows today. Nancy I. Shockley, Topeka, KS

  3. collegestudents says:

    Growing up off my grandmas italian food. It was delicious yet I wish I had learned how she made the food taste so good. So I went on mission to try to find ways to learn to cook. I had enough of processed frozen dinners that i lived off of it was cheap. Yet it was nothing like home cooked meals i grew up on. Without further of do the food network was the calling I needed. Being college student there isnt whole lot of time to cook and moneys tight. So I learned from various food network tv shows. How to make meals with college student budget. I got my mom addicted to food network shes loves it during holiday cooking like thanksgiving the stuffing recipes by giada de laurentis were delicious. Evernight before bed I tune into food network to get ideas for my next meals its like learning from pros. These cooks have passion it what excited me about watching food network for years. For me its imformative it teaches me new cooking techniques and exciting new dishes to recreate.Its better than reading textbook its more visual. So thanks food network for teaching this college student how to cook variius delicious dishes by bobby flay grilling, giada de laurentis italian food oh those delicious meatballs and italian family stories. paula deen southern cooking the macaroni and cheese is oh so yummy cant forget deen boys. Sandra semi homemade she has great tips for how set dinner table or a food display.Ina garten barefoot contessa pasta and sandwhiches and scenery of her beautiful house. Also triple d guy fieri red mustang a beauty of a car. I have been to few restraunts on show like schooner or later. I had the breakfast mess and double decker sandwhich just like guy fieri ate on the show. My fav show robert irvines restraunt impossible. It amazes me he can turn around failing restraunt into something incredible. Rachel ray has shown me how to eat $40 a day while on vacationand make 30 minute meals. I am college student food network fan and im proud to say to food network chefs I can cook decent meal without someone throwing it away Thanks to all of them and there cooking shows there much appreciated. I am college student and I can cook.

  4. tami anderson says:

    yes i do think i am. i will watch repeats that i have seen time and time again. always on the lookout for new episodes, recipes, and places to check out. wish i lived near some of the places i see!!

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