Want to Be on Food Network? Apply Now to Get Cast on Future Shows

by in Community, Shows, April 4th, 2013

Tyler Florence on The Great Food Truck RaceIf you’ve ever found yourself watching Food Network in your living room and thinking, “I can do that, too,” or, “I want try what they’re doing on television,” now is your chance to go from Food Network viewer to on-air contestant.

We’re currently accepting applications for the fourth season of Tyler Florence‘s The Great Food Truck Race — the multi-week showdown that challenges food truck teams to outsell one another in a coast-to-coast road trip — plus an all-new competition series hosted by Tyler, Food Court Wars. Whether you’re an experienced restaurant chef or a novice home cook, if you think you have the dedicated passion, enthusiasm and charisma to impress Tyler and a national audience, we want to hear from you.

Cooking Channel is also looking for future guests. Mo Rocca’s My Grandmother’s Ravioli is casting a second season’s worth of grandmas and grandpas with tried-and-true recipes and creative food points of view, while an upcoming food- and travel-focused show is seeking those with prominent online voices related to food or restaurants.

Think you or a family member could be the best fit for these roles? Read on below to find more information about each show and get the latest details on how to apply.

The Great Food Truck Race

The Great Food Truck RaceWe are currently searching for teams of three from all walks of life — trained chefs, amateur chefs, line cooks, sous chefs, home cooks and dedicated foodies — to compete for the chance to own and operate their very first food truck.


Apply Now

Food Court Wars

Tyler FlorencePassionate about food? Always dreamed about owning an eatery of your own? Do you have a foolproof idea for a locally inspired, original food court hot spot? We are looking for two-person teams that believe they have the winning formula to successfully run an original food court restaurant. Series hosted by acclaimed chef Tyler Florence.

Apply Now

My Grandmother’s Ravioli

My Grandmother's RavioliCalling grandmas and grandpas who are great home cooks! Mo Rocca (CBS Sunday MorningWait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!) wants you to teach him your favorite and/or unique recipes. If you caught the first season of My Grandmother’s Ravioli on Cooking Channel, you know that Mo Rocca never had the opportunity to learn the secrets to his grandmother’s famous ravioli. Do you think your grandmother or grandfather could teach Mo how to cook great food? We want to know!

Apply Now

Do You Post Online Food Videos, Blogs or Reviews?

Cooking ChannelAre you a funny food fan with an over-the-top personality who regularly posts food blogs, videos or reviews online? We’re looking for food people with a popular web presence to guest on a new food/travel show. Send us a video of yourself talking about your favorite restaurants, cafes, bistros, food trucks or bars. Please include a contact number and a link to your online profile.

Apply Now

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Comments (48)

  1. Megumi Doi says:

    I am a female sushi chef in Orange County CA. I shot a short movie and have uploaded on You Tube. The title is "Megumi the Geisha with Sword" I did serious and kind of joke. I hope many people watch it. http://youtu.be/LFP32Bp2lbE
    Thank you

  2. Guest says:

    Oh goody! Another season of Tyler's FauxReality series…….I won't waste my time watching!

  3. Guest says:

    Not sure if this is appropriate or not, but we are doing something unique in Iowa that was inspired by some of our favorite Food Network shows: Iowa's Best Bite Restaurant Challenge is giving a restaurant startup package worth $153,000 to the person with the best restaurant concept for Oskaloosa, Iowa. Check it out at http://www.iowasbestbite.com

  4. Elovin says:

    I think Scott should have a show. Anykind of show. He is a great critic and chef. Thanks Scott.

  5. cherrycooks says:

    What about Food Network Star? Given that Justin Warner didn't get his own weekly cooking show, maybe this show has finally jumped the shark.

  6. Guest says:

    Hmmmm? I thought Justin's show JUST came out!!! It's called Rebel Eats!!! Just debutted last Saturday night…

  7. mariano gallegos says:

    choriso loco quiere ir al chow food network

  8. laura mitchell says:

    i cook n i bake i love to cook n bake n i have special recipes that my kids n grandkids love n friends ive been told by friends i should open a restaurant but cant afford it always wanted to my specialties or my meatloaf eggrolls mexican chicken tacos i baked n decorated a wedding cke thats on my f/b profile for her wedding i got so many that loved it i would love to be on food network always wanted to meet paula deen n boby flav n rachel ray n more so if u give me a chance by gods grace n believ i wouls appreciate it god bless food network n everyone laura mitchell ty

  9. Brian B says:

    Check out my blog and youtube channel! I talk about my daily life as a "non-traditional housewife" and make "how to" videos on preparing meals!
    http://www.rhosc.com http://www.youtube.com/snocohousewife

  10. foodiestuntman says:

    When are you casting for Bobby's Dinner Battle?

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