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Justin traveled the back roads of the South in his 1-hour special, Rebel Eats, this past Saturday night (watch the full episode here), but it’s hard to show everything in just 1 hour. Click the play button above to watch never-before-seen Rebel Eats moments and go deeper with Justin as he answers questions about his show and what’s next for him.

Tell us about the deep-fried burger from Dyer’s. What’s the difference in taste between standard oil and the century-old stuff that’s used at the restaurant, and what does it bring to the burger?

Oh man — I could wax poetic about that burger. Imagine if you cooked some garlic in oil and then removed the garlic. What is left? Garlic-flavored oil. The oil then becomes a condiment. Imagine if you put your garlic oil on bread. Nobody would bat an eye. That doesn’t sound wild at all. Now imagine doing this with delicious ground beef instead of garlic, and using that oil to fry all your burgers. For 100 years. The real question is what doesn’t it bring to the burger? Scientifically speaking though, by smashing the patty they are increasing the surface area and getting rid of air. This makes the beefy flavor more concentrated per bite. Also, by frying it, it cooks very quickly to well-done. Now, a well-done burger is murder in my book, but here it actually works nicely because of the thinness of the patty. The more you cook a patty, the more the beefy flavor is coaxed out, but the less appealing the texture. By making thin, greased-up patties, they are letting the beef grease provide the juiciness in the burger. They don’t serve lettuce or tomato because this burger has no room for crunch. It is like eating a puck of beef butter. Maybe that sounds gross to some, but to me this sounds like a great last meal.

Rebel Eats brought you face-to-face with mules, donkeys and jellyfish. What were some of the craziest moments from filming?

Probably when the van got stuck in the mud for a few hours.

What was your favorite moment from the show?

The reaction on the dude’s face when I ate a raw anchovy. That face is why I’m here. To make people more curious about food and life, and all of this great bounty that we are afforded.


Justin Warner's Road Trip Snapshots

What’s next for you?

I’m probably going to brush my teeth and go to bed. For a week. It’s been about a year and a half since I auditioned for Star and I’m a little tuckered out. Really though, I want to see how the world reacts to what we’ve done.

Browse behind-the-scenes snapshots of Justin’s road trip

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Comments (20)

  1. Debbie McNally says:

    Food Network you have wronged Justin's fans. You made us wait a very long time for his show to begin and then gave us a new version of Diners, Drine Ins and Dives. We were looking forward to seeing Justin in the kitchen cooking and this is what we get. Stop wasting his talent and let him cook already!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Loved the show. But want to see him cook more!

  3. Kelsey says:

    Loved the show. But want to see him cook more!

  4. Dave says:

    Super show, loved his attitude and perspective, agree that I would like to see him cooking more, but actually loved the stories he told too, and the cooking inside those stories

  5. Disappointed says:

    Looks like another Triple D but with a different star. Disappointing at best. Will not be watching again. They should have stayed with a cooking show, but no, they have to go and ruin it.

  6. cherrycooks says:

    Every other winner of FNS has gotten their own cooking show for at least a season or two. Some shows were successful, some weren't. Why wasn't Justin Warner afforded the same opportunity? I'm tired of the competitions and restaurant-focused programming on FN and watch it less and less for this reason.

  7. MBinSD says:

    FN please tell the world Justin's show is going to continue! Rebel Eats reached a whole new audience for you and played well to your faithful viewers also. People want more Justin Warner!! Please don't make us wait another year!!

  8. LupusAnthropos says:

    Although Rebel Eats was very interesting, it was a far cry from what it could have and SHOULD have been. Essentially, even though FoodNetwork already airs tons of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives throughout each week, they decided to waste Justin Warner's talent by having him do essentially the SAME show, but with a bit of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods thrown in.

    FoodNetwork, you have the services of a creative genius available to you in Justin Warner and you relegate him to something below the limits of your own creativity? Get a clue and listen to your viewers. The reason we voted for him on TNFNS was that we liked his personality AND his cooking. Now go and make a show that puts the spotlight on his cooking rather than using his cooking as footnotes to yet another incarnation of "Triple D."

    • Dave says:

      Agreed, but I also see the possibilities of Justin owning this style show too

      • LupusAnthropos says:

        I could see that, too, but I'm just concerned that FoodNetwork has already spread "Triple D" too thin and that that would have a negative impact upon Justin's potential in this style show. Many people already disparagingly refer to FoodNetwork as the "Triple-D Network" and, quite frankly, they really need the difference than Justin could bring – if they would just let him.

    • Carrie Ann says:

      I agree Lupus . I think Justin is so talented that food network should give him a cooking show pilot like he did on star – every dish was so original and so different ; refreshing at the least .
      You hit the nail in the head . By the way Justin had. A meeting with Food network last Tuesday about Rebel Eats Status . He hasn't told us via twitter how it went . I'm hoping that means good news .

    • Sandy says:

      Here! Here! Lupus. We agree with you!. Get him off the road and in the kitchen so he can show us his awesome cooking style. AND knock out one of the TOO MANY "Triple D's" and give Justin a decent time slot!!!!!!!!

  9. Guest says:

    What's the point of having a social media presence Food Network ,if you don't respond?
    Justin can provide something fresh and new, inspiring, modern….hello!

  10. Adam says:

    Oh so dissapointing FN, Justin seems to be a much different FN personaltity and it gets canned. Seriousley enough is enough of the clowns that are on around the clock: Guy, Bobby, and everyone on chopped.

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