Quiz: Are You the Ultimate Iron Chef America Fan?

by in Shows, April 23rd, 2013

Iron Chef AmericaDuring more than 10 seasons of Iron Chef America competition, five new Iron Chefs have been welcomed to the Chairman’s elite team of culinary superstars, an ever-changing judges panel has filled the seats at the table, new rules and altered expectations have changed the way battles are done, and hundreds of Secret Ingredients have been unveiled beneath a single altar. Throughout the years of transformation and growth, have you, Iron Chef fans, kept up with what’s gone down inside Kitchen Stadium?

As you prepare for the upcoming tournament of champions (premiering Sunday, May 5 at 10pm/9c) in which the Chairman’s standing Iron Chefs will compete against one another in an unprecedented series of battles to become the Grand Champion, brush up on the ins and outs of this ultimate culinary contest. Test your memory of past battles and Iron Chefs’ winning records, plus your understanding of judging criteria and the significance of Secret Ingredients to find out if your knowledge of Iron Chef America reigns supreme.

Are You the Ultimate Iron Chef America Fan?

Think you're familiar with all aspects of Iron Chef America and deserve the title of Kitchen Stadium Buff? Take this quiz to find out, and learn essential trivia about the show.
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Find out more about the Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions and tune in to new battles on Sundays at 10pm/9c beginning May 5.

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Comments (30)

  1. Sounds like a great show. I don't think I would qualify to be an Iron Chef America but I can cook pretty good and healthy.

  2. Sam Attallah says:

    I must say that I enjoy watching the food channel and almost all the shows, I actually watch the food network channel more than CNN, and that is saying a lot for an addicted newsaholic.
    Despite all the excellent talent I have had the opportunity to watch and learn from, it is some what disappointing not to see any of those excellent and talented chefs challenge themselves and cook for a diabetic person like me; after all there are 45 million of us in the country, and growing – do we get some consideration?? please consider the idea. This will give a large number of us 45 million+ diabetics a healthy, and enjoyable experience in watching how youcan cook and have a good meal not filled with sugar and high grade fats. Thanks for listening and all the best always– Shaloum – Sam Attallah – Winston-Salem, NC

  3. bee says:

    Hello Food Network…….did the network waste our time last year with the next food network star ?
    There has only been one episode produced with Justin….wtf ???

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Justin is way above the standard FN stuff. He could eventually have his own Network, but the suits are afraid to let him soar.

  4. Linda Machno says:

    I love the food channel. The most watched and loved shows are Iron Chef, Chopped, The Great Food Truck race and Diners Drive-ins and Dives. The daily shows like Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, $10 Dollar Dinners, Barefoot Contessa are right up there in my favorites. However I like most of the shows. It is my most watched channel. I love to cook and take many of the receipes shown and try them. I'm always looking for something new to try. :)

  5. chef khara says:

    there should be a platform for african that would love to cook we also watch food network i hope i get a platform to cook african foods trust me you would be pleasing millions of people

  6. Vicky says:

    For as long as I have watched Iron Chef, I have yet to understand what Chairman says his uncle says?????

    • KatLa says:

      According to Wikipedia's entry on Iron Chef America, it's "Allez cuisine," which I understand is bad French that can be loosely translated as "Go cook!" There's a discussion at http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=3… where additional ideas on what is being said and what it means are put forth; it helps if you can read French since a lot of the comments are from Francophones, but there's enough in English to puzzle out most of it.

      • Louise says:

        Being a Francophone Canadian who's been watching the show for three years now, I can tell you the Chairman says: À la cuisine!, which means 'To the kitchen'.

    • Kathy Kelley says:

      It is the command form of the verb to go. It means GO! As though you're shouting it at your favourite soccer team or at a kid dragging his feet at doing his chores (or anything that needs encouragement) it can mean 'Come on!'

    • Gloria Bonilla says:

      Allez cusine! possibly LETS GET COOKING!

  7. chris says:

    What makes Simon Majumbar even be qualified to be a judge? I don't think he has any business judging these chefs. And Donatella Arpaia never likes anything.

  8. pat schmac says:

    If anyone out here thinks that Mr. Morimoto will lose, then it's snowing in NC> Either he owns part of the show or judges judge unfairly. He is not the greatest, time for him to move on. Watch Michael and Mr. Morimoto and Michael will lose. So disgusted with the judges.

  9. Jodi MacMartin says:

    Why didn't all the iron chefs participate in the Iron Chef Grand Champion battle?

  10. Ira Kenner says:

    I like the Iron Chef, I watch ever Sunday, I've learn alot from the show, put I like to know what happen too Cat Cora I like watchen her cook, and what happen too are Italyn Iron Chef Bointally, I really missed see them on the show, cause you can't have a real tourment wiht out them!

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