Enhance Your Chopped All-Stars Viewing Experience With IntoNow Every Sunday

by in Community, Shows, April 3rd, 2013

Chopped IntoNow ExperienceThe chopping block is about to enter into whole new territory for fans. IntoNow from Yahoo! is teaming up with Food Network to bring fans an interactive second-screen-viewing experience for the upcoming season of Chopped All-Stars.

Each Sunday at 9pm/8c starting this week, April 7, and running through May 5, you can discover exclusive content by tagging Chopped All-Stars using the IntoNow mobile app. Through IntoNow’s TV Sync feature you can follow along with the episode for exclusive quotes from the contestants, behind-the-scenes photos and recipes, as well as participate in live polling and trivia with fellow IntoNow users and Food Network fans.

Can You Capit? Fans can add a caption to their favorite moments from every episode and share them online by creating memes on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and reddit. You can also create chat groups with friends.

Each week 16 competitors including Food Network and Cooking Channel talent, renowned chefs, Chopped judges and celebrities are competing for a chance to win the title of All-Stars champion and a $50,000 donation to charity. Vote for your favorite contestant up to 10 times per day.

Download IntoNow from the App Store or Google Play now.

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Comments (28)

  1. Priscilla says:

    What do I have to do to get Pioneer Woman back on Comcast "On Demand"? I love that show and
    I keep missing it on regular T.V. Please do what you can to get "Pioneer Woman" back on Comcast
    "On Demand"…. Then I can watch it anytime I want!!! Thank for your courtesy.

  2. CR says:

    I sort of learned to cook from food network years ago. I grew a little bit of a passion for food……

    Reality TV has taken over the world. Great. What happened to educational shows that people actually Cook?

    Chopped is one of my least favorite show simply because who is ever going to cook with; salt cod, candy canes, and seaweed?

    I saw it tonight on the cooking channel now. When will the reality stop?

    Between Cupcake wars and Cake battle and Sweet genius and all of the other "reality" shows when can we get back to cooking?

    I am stuck watching Good Eats re runs for life I guess….

    Please please leave the cooking channel to the "good shows" and keep the chopped on food network. I stopped watching that channel long ago…..

    • jennifer says:

      Well said CR! I'm not a fan of all the reality cooking shows either. I love watching the shows that show you how to cook actual recipes. Giada and Rachael Ray are a couple of my favs. I've made quite a few of their recipes. I sure hope they keep all that reality junk off of the cooking channel.

      • CR1 says:

        Chef Simon is awesome too. He creates things that are actually feasible in my home kitchen using simple ingredients and have big flavors. He is one of the reasons I started growing an array of herbs in my garden. It is shows like that that have made me better in the kitchen. I just have no interest in watching a cake building competition!

        I have started watching other channels with cooking shows that I can actually get a new creative idea(s) from.

        Please Food Network, let get back to inspiring people!

        Isn't that the point?

        • mom'scooking says:

          I agree 100% with you CR1, who the heck needs to see a donut-making competition, with three of the most ignorant judges who know absolutely nothing about donut making themselves. Get rid of all these competition shows, they are not teaching us new cooking skills or even basic cooking for our families.

    • Chef Matthew Martin says:

      Grow up. This show is about cooking skill. Its a forum for chefs to test their skills. You don't like? Fine, turn to Cooking Channel. Don't complain here about something that millions of viewers and yes Chefs like me enjoy watching.

    • DK says:

      I will not be watching anymore. They are always chopping black people, even when other races do much worse. They chopped a black man whose dish was too spicey and left a white woman who served a plate of sand. They also go by sad stories, not cooking. What happened to Tyler Florence? When will reality TV be OVER?

  3. Delores says:

    Chopped (food contest)This is a contest with rules. If an ingredient is left out person should be disqualified. Those are the rules, and this is a contest. As I watch this show, this is not fair to the other contestants. If someone stays leaving an ingredient out. Seems like rules are broken and made up as I watch this show, and it happens a lot. I don't go out of my way to watch this as often as I did because of this.

  4. Tracey P says:

    Nadia G chopped after being the only chef to incorporate all mystery ingredients. This show sucks.

  5. Dean says:

    Play… There are three judges but the contestants have to put our four plates, so where does the fourth plate go???

    • ilovechopped says:

      The 4th plate is revealed under the dome of the chopped dish.

    • mom'scooking says:

      they need that fourth plate so Ted can do the dramatic uncovering to reveal the chopped contestant. The food always looks so gross, I don't think anyone eats that fourth plate.

  6. Peterman says:

    Who's the cross-eyed lesbo that looks like she forgot to take her crazy pills this morning? The one with the Hungry tattoo? Never seen her before seeing these commercials, but apparently she's an "All Star"…?

  7. SOCH says:

    The Article was good.Thanks for sharing fabulous information.

  8. Hi Priscilla,
    We're sorry about that. There are, however, six full episodes available online. Scroll down and click on Pioneer Woman on the left hand side.

  9. Kris says:

    I really want to enter as a competitor and so do other members of my family. I think they should do a "Chopped Family Edition". Who do I have to sear to perfectly LOL to make this happen.

    • lorraine says:

      Agreed and fun I'd like to see them put something together with only what the typical home cupboard has for ingredients

  10. bigbill1961 says:

    The Into Now app was a big disappointment. Everything was going fine until the end when the update spoiled the announcement of the winner. Why would the app disclose the winner before it was announced on the show? I promptly deleted the app. What a rookie mistake to make with an interactive app.

    • sdeheer says:

      Hello @bigbill1961. We're very sorry for this mistake, it has been corrected for all future episodes. Please try synching into the experience again.

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