Enhance Your Chopped All-Stars Viewing Experience With IntoNow Every Sunday

by in Community, Shows, April 3rd, 2013

Chopped IntoNow ExperienceThe chopping block is about to enter into whole new territory for fans. IntoNow from Yahoo! is teaming up with Food Network to bring fans an interactive second-screen-viewing experience for the upcoming season of Chopped All-Stars.

Each Sunday at 9pm/8c starting this week, April 7, and running through May 5, you can discover exclusive content by tagging Chopped All-Stars using the IntoNow mobile app. Through IntoNow’s TV Sync feature you can follow along with the episode for exclusive quotes from the contestants, behind-the-scenes photos and recipes, as well as participate in live polling and trivia with fellow IntoNow users and Food Network fans.

Can You Capit? Fans can add a caption to their favorite moments from every episode and share them online by creating memes on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and reddit. You can also create chat groups with friends.

Each week 16 competitors including Food Network and Cooking Channel talent, renowned chefs, Chopped judges and celebrities are competing for a chance to win the title of All-Stars champion and a $50,000 donation to charity. Vote for your favorite contestant up to 10 times per day.

Download IntoNow from the App Store or Google Play now.

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Comments (28)

  1. DennyJD says:

    Reality TV seems to have taken over, some good, some not so much, but way too much. I like Chopped and WCIA. I really like the instructional shows, Giada, Anne Burrell, Tyler Florence and Claire Robinson are favorites, and of Course Alton the wacky. Problem is that all these shows are on during the day. Why can't some them take over spots at least around 7:00?

  2. Sharon M says:

    Just watched the show with Amanda, Alex, Marc and Scott. I can not believe Scott won that competition. He had more negative comments from the judges and still he won. Absolutely unreal, how fixed is this? Won't be watching the final show.

  3. life says:

    A superb article. you need informations about I�m definitely going to let my friends know about it. Many, many thanks!

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