Chopped Judges Take Over the Kitchen in After-Hours Competitions

by in Shows, April 2nd, 2013

Chefs Aaron Sanchez, Marc Murphy and Chris SantosNo strangers to the uncommon, unusual ingredients that make their way into mystery baskets, Chopped judges have tasted myriad plates of eccentric eats after more than 14 seasons of competition, but they rarely are able to cook with those ingredients for themselves. That is, until now.

In Chopped After Hours, an all-new series on, the panel is taking over the kitchen. For the first time, the judges are trying their hands at identical combinations of ingredients that have sent home chef competitors. They’ll cook against the clock in the same amount of time as traditional contestants, but among these friends and colleagues there will be as much eating, drinking and playful joking happening at each station as there is high-quality food preparation. None of the judges will settle for creating anything less than masterful meals, but they know well how to balance work and play — and will surely make time for a cocktail or two and even subject their fellow judges to a few hilariously timed interruptions.

Chefs Chris Santos, Aaron Sanchez and Marc MurphyNo one knows the Chopped kitchen quite like these longstanding judges, but when faced with odd, disparate ingredients — and their peers’ influences — will they be able to turn out top-tier dishes without succumbing to the same challenges as everyday competitors? Check back to Food Network’s Chopped headquarters ( after the brand-new episode airs Tuesday, April 30 at 10pm/9c to watch the judges in action, and find out if they can succeed where others have been chopped.

Upcoming After Hours Episodes

Tuesday, April 30 at 10pm/9c
Tuesday, May 7 at 10pm/9c

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Comments (34)

  1. Sterling Minor says:

    Three years ago, I saw Amanda Freytag as a negative,

    Today, I really, really want t make love with her.

  2. Oma says:

    Why not have a split screen with both contestants and judges compete with same ingredients and the same time limits–simultaneously. Judges selected from past winners.

  3. Karen says:

    I want to see the chopped judges compete with normal everyday people to do the judging. Ted Allen needs to cook on an episode of Chopped.

  4. taffy says:

    Love it!!!!!

  5. Patrese says:

    They should give the judges the basket first, it would be more interseting to see their comments for the contestants food after having to come up with a dish themselves.

  6. Pat says:

    Did I miss it? I wanted to find out what the judges were going to cook with the "wasted" ingredients baskets. How much can you do with used coffee grounds?

  7. Crystal F. says:

    This is my favorite show!! Why didn't they have a "Things You Didn't Know' about Scott Conant, Alex G. or Marc Murphy?

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