Chopped All-Stars: Now’s Your Chance to Chat With the Judges

by in Community, Shows, April 1st, 2013

Chopped All-Stars Facebook ChatsFood fans will have a chance to chat with the people who are really in the hot seat on this season of Chopped All-Stars: the judges. Join us on the Chopped Facebook page and ask Alex (who will also be competing), Chris, Geoffrey, Marcus and even Ted the questions you’ve always wanted them to answer.

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Comments (18)

  1. birdnerd says:

    Most of the judges are blow hards. Love Aaron and a couple of the female judges (not Alex). It's all about the approach of giving someone feedback and most of those guys are jerks. I want to watch a show that lifts people up not tear them down.

  2. mely says:

    Ted, have you ever been awe struck on Chopped?
    Any food you will never try or allergic to?
    How many cameras follow the chefs? Seems each one any their own? Curious.
    Lastly, do you have a running percentage on guessing the winner?

  3. Carol Ramirez says:

    When will Ted Allen cook on the show? My daughter and I never miss a show!

  4. @westaussie1 says:

    I dont know if you got my comment so I will repeat – pink lamingtons???? – i was born and grew up in Australia and while I am a dual Aussie American now I personally and none of my friends have either seen a PINK lamie!!!!!!!! – they are supposed to be cocoa!!!! – unless you know something WE dont – get it right!

  5. Rebecca says:

    This all-star round was bullshit of course they just HAD to let the judge win because hes a friend and a judge but it was bullshit. Gavin had awesome food and a fantastic dessert and Scott's dessert looked gross, the cake was under cooked and the judges said that the cake and the mousse that he made didn't work at all and yet they still chopped Gavin, like I said earlier, BULLSHIT.

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