Chef Wanted: Coquette Update

by in Shows, April 4th, 2013

Chef WantedCoquette, a French brasserie in Raleigh, N.C., run by husband-and-wife team Kevin and Stacey Jennings, needed a new chef with French flair. Anne Burrell and the Chef Wanted team were called in to help with the search. After testing four candidates, an offer was extended to Chef Michael Bryant.

Chef Bryant has been waiting for the right opportunity to move to the East Coast from Los Angeles so he can be closer to his daughter. Classically trained in French cuisine, Chef Bryant knows this opportunity is perfect for him.

For the first test, the chefs were instructed to make one sweet crepe and one savory crepe, incorporating the same ingredient in the filling of each. Chef Bryant ambitiously chose to use pink peppercorns and kumquats in both. For his savory dish, he made a crepe au fromage with salmon and pink peppercorn and kumquat salsa. His sweet crepe suzette featured a kumquat curd filling and a blueberry and peppercorn reduction. Anne and the owners appreciated his ambition and felt his dish was very creative.

For the second test, the chefs had to create a rabbit dish that utilized all the parts. Chef Bryant made a crepinette out of the rabbit legs, which he wrapped in caul fat, and he also seared the loins but didn’t get a chance to plate the offal. The owners felt he was on the right track but was a bit too ambitious.

Chef Bryant’s dinner service went fairly smooth, but some of his simplest dishes, like the salad and the soup appetizers, were overcomplicated. Some of the dishes were sent back with inconsistency issues, but once he fixed them, the food went over very well with the guests. He finished dinner strong with adoration from the staff. His competitor, however, was let go during her dinner service. Chef Bryant was surprised with the good news in the dining room full of the restaurant staff, who congratulated him as the new chef of Coquette.

FN Dish caught up with the owners, Kevin and Stacey. Watch the video above to get an update from them about what’s taken place at Coquette since the show taped. Chef Bryant hasn’t yet been able to move to Raleigh, but he’s been in conversation with the owners about next steps with the restaurant once he’s ready to relocate.

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Comments (30)

  1. Joy McMillan says:

    Hope Michael moves to N.C. He'd be great for the restaurant. Loved his menu. He did great when it was his turn. Does anyone know why he hasn't relocated yet?

  2. chefclean says:

    This show has promise- I watched last season and it was pretty good,BUT ,oh my god, Anne Burrell really is not the person to host this thing. Between the screaming of the countdown so hard that her voice cracks, her off the wall comments on the food and then her crazy almost see through hair..for me, it's a distraction. The music, or sound effects, or whatever you want to call it has been used on virtually every Food network show as well as Hells Kitchen.. And yes, some of these chefs have been on other Food Network shows..and why? are there not enough unemployed chefs out there to stock the talent here? So, in my humble opinion, replace Anne, get some original and not used music and scour for more talent.

  3. dmryan02 says:

    what everybody needs to understand is that any type of "reality" tv show is NEVER what it seems. most of it is scrippted to a point. why do you think there are multiple legal documents you have to sign prior to being on. i have yet to watch a "reality" tv show that is truely just that, reality. when you put the 2 words, reality & tv, together you have to know that what it truely is real life (non-celebrity) people agreeing to be a part of a controlled environment to bring a certain level of entertainment to those who watch. any and all "reality" tv shows i watch i ALWAYS go into it with that mentality and that i'm watching purely for entertainment value, i have never believed that waht i'm watching is truely 100% real.

  4. Abby says:

    I used to like the show, but good lord. I have to actually mute it when Chef Anne starts the countdown. She has become beyond obnoxious and it really turns me off from watching anything else that she's on. Plus, are there only 20 chefs on the planet? I keep seeing the same contestants on the same freaking shows. How about execs branch out a bit and find some new, real talent instead of just playing musical chairs with the shows?

  5. pinkhiheels60 says:

    Ann is so loud and rude. I use to like her but she is more than annoying on this show. And that hair, really she needs a make over and her big mouth sewed shut…

  6. sctoad says:

    the problem for me with the show, and it is the same problem that i have with Restaurant Impossible is that the celebrity chef makes the show about themselves and what they do rather than the contestants or the restaurant. I am starting to think it is the producer/ director who wants more confrontation – there is no reason to be insulting, disrespectful or to belittle someone or their food. i am sick of Anne and Robert- if they want a reality show then focus on the other people, not on themselves.

  7. Stuart says:

    Have any of the "winners" actually taken the job? I've looked up a few, and none of them had taken the job.

    I actually know an owner of a good restaurant, and they would never in a million years interview a chef like this. It is about quality and not about rushing a meal in a ridiculous timeframe only to then be disqualified if you couldn't throw the sauce on the plate as someone screams "3-2-1, hands up".

    • cubeshaker says:

      I was thinking the same thing.. this guy hasnt taken it, the guy from this weeks episode (4-11) didnt take it… from season one the winner for Olives restaraunt didnt take it, … the list goes on and on…. I actually prefer the now defunct chef hunter over this. It seemed a little more realistic… plus less food network other show rejects.

  8. Oscar says:

    Stacey is a foul mouthed troglodyte – I can't fault Chef Bryant for not taking the job.

  9. Whateatingme says:

    I have to agree with the others, there is no way a quality restaurant would ever hire their executive chef in this manner. Also Anne Burrell needs a new doo fast. And tone it down as well. She is way too into herself. Used to like her but now she thinks she's someone. I bet she is a total Bee with an itch everywhere she goes.

  10. tamar says:

    i find the show very entertaining but i dont get why none of the winners ever take the job, i guess they just want to be on television. Chef anne can be a little annoying but she definetly has her own style!

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