Where the Locals Go, Comfort Food Classics and Funky Joints on Triple D Tonight

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, March 25th, 2013

Guy Fieri - Singaporean Food TruckIn tonight’s new episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (10pm/9c), Guy’s digging into dishes with a personal connection. In Toronto he’ll visit a Jewish deli smoking meats and knishes the old-school way. And in Los Angeles, he’ll hop aboard a funky food truck infusing Singaporean flavors into their chili crab cakes and lamb burgers.

But before Guy takes off, he’s heading out in a marathon of episodes that will suffice any carbohydrate craving your heart desires, with dishes like lasagna Bolognese, pasta carbonara, barbecue spaghetti, and lobster mac and cheese. Beyond pasta, get recipes for Baked Lemonade Pork Chops, Chicken and Dumplings and Sweet Potato Souffle.

Take the trip with him starting at 6:30pm/ 5:30c — follow along and bookmark the restaurants as he goes, then try your hand at the recipes.

From north and south to east and west, Guy’s been everywhere. Next time you’re traveling, download the On the Road app or check out this map to find all of Guy’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives destinations.

Diners Declassified: Go Behind the Scenes With Guy Fieri

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Comments (6)

  1. L. Ctibor says:

    Hey Guy. I love DD&D, but sticking your finger into sauces and things other people are going to eat is disgusting. Who knows where your finger has been. And by the way, are you Italian or American? If Italian, then you are Gui (Gee) Fiere; if American, Guy FiAIR ee.

  2. Mary Fenwick says:

    Dear Guy, I would love to see you visit the Argilla Brewing Co. at Pietro's Pizza, in Newark, DE They have a great menu and they brew their own beer in many different flavors. My son also works there.

  3. Jane LaRue says:

    I saw on TV recently that you went to Eva's in Solvay New York. Iwent there and took my daughter and grand son there. We are of polish decent my grandmother was all polish, her father and mother came from poland in the early nineteen hundreds. We had stuffed cabbage and potatoe pancakes with applesauce. besides being very costly it was very tasteless we sat there shaking pepper over it all. The cheesecake that my grandson had was priced about what you would pay anywhere and the size was at least okay. My daughter is handicapped and being onelegged the resteraunt was not handicapped aided with a ramp or easyentry and when she used the ladies room she had to cleanit before using it and then had to have her son get toilet paper from the men's room. And our bill for 8 stuff cabbages and 8 potoe pancakes and one blueberry cheescake minus tip was 58 plus dollars. So it is very expensive.

  4. steve arnold says:

    i would like guy to come and check out a local bar serves the best food in town.the bar is called macs hideaway here in new albany indiana.

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