Ravioli With Alfredo and Peas — Meatless Monday

by in Recipes, March 18th, 2013

Ravioli Alfredo With PeasThe secret to stress-free weeknight cooking is having a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry that you can rely on to help piece together quick dishes on nights when you hardly have time to meal plan. When you make it to the grocery store on weekends or low-key evenings, fill up on staples you know your family uses frequently, plus a few good-to-have freezer ingredients that will ensure your dinners aren’t just simple to make but also deliciously interesting for the whole family.

Food Network Magazine puts store-bought ravioli and frozen peas to work in its recipe for Ravioli Alfredo With Peas (pictured above), a 20-minute timesaver that’s easy enough to make on a busy Monday night but impressive enough to serve to company as well. After making a richly indulgent sauce of cream and butter, add vibrant peas for a pop of color and then mushroom-filled ravioli — a next-level twist on the everyday ricotta variety — so they pick up the comforting flavors of the Alfredo. A final mix-in of nutty Parmesan cheese will thicken the sauce, while a shower of parsley adds freshness.

For a lighter dish made with just a few ingredients, look to Tyler’s Spring Green Salad. He combines mixed greens with fresh chives, then dresses the salad with a go-to topping of fruity extra-virgin olive oil and refreshing lemon juice for a no-hassle plate that’s ready to eat in just 10 quick minutes.

Meatless Monday, an international movement, encourages people everywhere to cut meat one day a week for personal and planetary health. Browse more Meatless Monday recipes.

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Comments (5)

  1. Leonor says:

    This is a simple, but great dish. I love it. Sometimes, I use Four Cheese Rosa sauce on this type of ravioli, and it is simply delicious! :)

  2. Giuseppe says:

    Great Post… It looks very good, but to be honest the mushroom filled its a bit too heavy, since there is the rich creamy sauce, i would of used a potato filled Tortelli. Of course the ricotta filled would not work ether since the cheese sauce, then would of been to much cheese. Try the potato filling and you will find it much more lighter and rich of flavor contrast between the cheese the potato and the pees. http://www.cookingwithgiuseppe.blogspot.com

    • chilelimon says:

      you couldn't anymore critical, could you? Just make up your own recipe and leave the criticism for reviewing your own stuff. I can understand giving a rating to someone's recipe, I get it, I even appreciate it, but come on, just stop it. You've almost turned me away from the recipe (which I think is your intention) with all of that jargon you're spewing. You are not a help at all.

  3. @undefined says:

    Very easy, very rich and very, very good!! We really enjoyed this.

  4. Erika says:

    or just use shell pasta with hint of fresh mint

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