January and February’s “Name This Dish” Contest Winner

by in Food Network Magazine, March 19th, 2013

Stuffed Cupcakes
Each month, thousands of Food Network Magazine readers submit clever names for the back page’s Name This Dish contest. Previous dishes include a cheese puff tower (winning name: “Mount Chevrest”), a stuffed popover (“Puddin’ Pops”) and even a fall wrap (“Autumn Wrapsody”). In the January/February 2013 issue, we asked you to dream up names for these stuffed cupcakes (pictured above). Some of our favorites were:

Frost My Heart
Lauren DeFranzo

Cakey Bakey Heart
Sam Basile
Glasgow, Ky.

Love Bites
Sandra Mallut
Los Angeles

But the winner, Dave Herrmann of Colorado Springs, Colo., really hit the mark when he dubbed them “Heart of the Batter.” Want to take a stab at naming this month’s deviled eggs? (they’re pictured below)? If you come up with the most fun, unexpected and inventive name, you could win $500 to spend on FoodNetworkStore.com. Click here to enter and check back next month to see the winning name for March’s cheese fries.
Deviled Eggs

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Comments (6)

  1. Giuseppe says:

    Thats Great… Love the strawberry in the middle. Looks amazing. Awesome post.

  2. ChristineBavaro says:

    Wish I could enter…but the link takes to a page where I have to buy a magazine subscription

  3. crolyn shelton says:

    my name for bacon candy is bacon brittle

  4. Maria Cohen says:

    Strawberry chocolate muffin

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