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by in Shows, March 17th, 2013

Worst Cooks in America Blue TeamFor the 14 recruits competing on Worst Cooks in America, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to learn kitchen basics and culinary how-tos from Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay — two of New York City’s top restaurant chefs and some of Food Network’s most celebrated stars. It’s up to the contestants to use the tools the chefs provide to learn how to master certain skills on their own and demonstrate progress in the kitchen. Despite their best efforts, however, one recruit from Chef Anne’s Red Team and another from Chef Bobby’s Blue Team will ultimately succumb to the challenges of Boot Camp week after week as they compete for $25,000 and bragging rights for their coach.

Check back with FN Dish every Sunday after the episode for the first interviews with the latest eliminated contestants to read their exclusive reflections on the competition, thoughts on difficult challenges, plans for the future and more.

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After just one month of Boot Camp, the recruits faced their ultimate test of progress in this week’s Skill Drill: the challenge to feed complete strangers. The contestants met at a local supermarket where, for the first time, they worked in teams to track down a grocery list full of necessary ingredients and to prepare a platter of Asian-style dumplings to feed a crowd of shoppers. Although she nearly forgot to cook two of her required 20 gyoza, Chef Bobby’s Carla managed to finish the challenge with just seconds to spare, and she and her teammates ultimately dished out snacks that were deemed to be superior to Chef Anne’s team’s. Come the next day’s Main Dish Challenge, however, the company they were to feed would be a bit less forgiving of their culinary shortcomings. At a waterside bar in Brooklyn, the recruits were given just 90 minutes to put their own spins on a traditional bar snack — the chicken wing — and create crowd-pleasing appetizers for a hoard of hungry motorcycle riders. In this test, both Carla and Chet struggled to turn out acceptable party fare, as her chicken wings lacked their promised lemon flavor and his grilled potatoes — the few of those that he plated — were sloppily arranged. In the end, however, it was Carla Johnson who was asked to turn in her Blue Team apron, which meant that she’d be leaving her culinary crush, Chef Bobby.

On the first day of Boot Camp, you told us, “I’m in love with Bobby Flay,” and you created a few dishes with him in mind during several challenges. How did you manage to stay focused and efficient in the kitchen when surrounded by your “honey”?

CJ: I focused on my family at home, and I tried to focus, but that Bobby Flay is soooo … well, y’all know. But I focused and tried to do my best so that my family can have great meals.

Carla JohnsonDid you ever find your nail that fell off during the first baseline Skill Drill? If not, where do you think it was?

CJ: No, I did not find my nail. It could have been in the food, but I thought if I did not say anything, they would have not found out. I think it was in the food … but where, I don’t know.

What’s your best memory from the competition?

CJ: Having Bobby Flay tell me I could start my own restaurant. But I guess I would have to hire a chef.

Tell us about your culinary endeavors since you’ve been home. What’s been the most-successful dish you’ve made, and how did your family react to it?

CJ: I have made the fish and steak with the sides that went with them. I also tried to make the chicken chasseur. They all enjoyed it very well.

Now that you’ve completed five weeks of Boot Camp, do you still consider yourself the “Fake ‘n’ Bake Queen?” Have you given up “fake ‘n’ bake” in favor of from-scratch cooking?

CJ: YEESSSSS! I am still the queen of fake and bake for life. But I do like cooking, and I will try and cook from scratch first … if I’m sure that it won’t make anyone sick.

Carla Johnson and Chef Bobby FlayWhat do you consider to be the most-valuable piece of culinary know-how you picked up during the competition?

CJ: How to be patient and cook, read the directions. I am thinking about taking a culinary class when I can afford it. I really liked cooking natural, or, as you say it, from scratch.

The Blue Team is down to just Chet and Alina. If you were to choose one of them to represent your team in the finale, who would it be?

CJ: Chet, Chet, Chet. But I like both of them. But I’m all the way Chet. Cheterize it.

Visit Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America headquarters for more insider coverage of the show.

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Comments (40)

  1. ThankYouLord says:

    FINALLY!!!!!…. I can now continue to watch this competition to the end now that that irritating, annoying flirtatious woman has gone. I predict an Elina-Rasheeda cook off. Winner: Elina. Every week she continues to take risk and produce wonderful tasting food. Even Bobby seems to be surprised how great her food. This is like the 3rd main challenge competition she has outrightly won. To cook scallops to perfection is a feat of great achievement. Many professional chefs, even those on Chopped, overcook them. Elina knew the difficulty in cooking them and she avoided it. Kudos to her. So I think Elina has got what it takes to go to the end.

    • Robert Ostrowski says:

      Boy, oh boy do I SECOND YOUR EMOTIONS! The moment I heard it was official that Carla will not be representing Bobby's team in the finale, I was SO ELATED! I literally felt like singing "Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead" from "The Wizard of Oz" but rewrote it as "Ding, Dong the Flirting Queen's Gone" just for this particular occasion. It's a lucky thing that I came up with 2 great caption ideas earlier – the second one, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Queen of Flirt is Finally Dethroned and Sent Home", now may be an official headline!

  2. blueteamrocks says:

    When I saw the preview episode for next week.At first,I was liked oh no don't tell me Carla,will still be there.But when I looked toward the guy closer.I realized its the elderly man,that is Alina is taking care off.I'm so happy that Carla is out.She wanted Bobby to keep her.She forgot what Bobby said to her in episode 2 "You can flirt with me all you want.But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna keep you." I knew that Alina and Chet,would make it to the final two.But the question is who would make it to the final? I'm rooting for both Alina and Chet.If Alina goes to the final,I'll root for Alina.If Chet makes it I'll root for Chet.But seeing an huge rivalary between them.The claws are out for next week.[polldaddy 6970175 polldaddy]

  3. Katie says:

    I am happy that Carla is gone. A little bit of her can go a long way. I write a blog of all the healthy recpes I cook. I hope someday I get to challenge Bobby Flay to a Throwdown @ Boston College. come check it out.

  4. Hans says:

    Carla was fun but Bobby and Ann want serious people cooking and the flirting went too far. This truly was the 14 worst cooks this season.

    • bruce says:

      She wasn't fun. I wanted her gone in week one.

    • Susan says:

      I love Carla she was funny and just being herself. Cooking is suppose to be fun Carla proved that she brought so much love and she was funny. The food network needs to put humor in there shows. Now that Carla is gone this show is going to be BORING. There are to many shows with Bobby and Ann over kill. To many reputious shows like diners drive in and dives that show is on 3 times a week. There programming needs to change. I will miss you Carla.. You brought the show life..Thank you Carla.

  5. Kim says:

    At the end of the day, it's about who has improved the most, and clearly Carla didn't make the cut. My husband and I thought she was HILARIOUS. I think she should get picked up to do commercials or something, though. We thought she was ADORABLE.

  6. Stacy says:

    Carla's gone!! (And the relief washes over me.) I got tired of her flirting in week 2. Did she think all her lusty stares were going to keep her in the competition? She wasn't taking i seriously enough and she finally got booted.
    I am leaning toward Alina. She has grown more than anyone in the whole show. Risk taking that works out will bump you up to the top fast. Rasheeda has won challenges but I think she sometimes gets a little too cocky when she gets something right. I see Alina winning. Chet gets a bit offended too easily. He acts like he deserves a win all the time. He looks shocked when he doesn't. He's too much of a drama queen for my tastes.
    I think Alina will be in the finale.
    Oh, did I mention that CARLA'S GONE???!!! Yessssss.

  7. jenschu98 says:

    Alaina has had cooking experience before, she is not the worst cook as she claims. She knows too much.

    • Vantodd says:

      agree completely, thought that from week 2.

      Bikers? Seriously? In Manhattan?

      The cook-offs have been good until this show, but cooking for bikers? I would LOVE to have been a fly on the wall when the producers of this show pitched this idea and then a group of men in ties in a conference room thought they could attract TWO different demographic audiences to watch this show:
      1. Foodies and people wanting to learn to cook better, hoping Bobby and Anne give a little bit more instruction.
      2. Bikers

      I would bet a billion dollars on the outcome of a poll indicating which demographic group had higher viewing percentages.

      Well, not really. But you know exactly what I mean.

    • LADYDEATH says:

      I definitely agree, she is a fake and shouldn't be on the show. She makes mistakes on purpose and it's so lame.

  8. EZ Bake Oven says:

    Good luck Carla! Sad to see you go! I'm rooting for Chet too!

  9. mlp says:

    I didn't dislike Carla at all and think I'd probably like her if I met her but I think she WAY overdid her "crush" on Bobby. It became highly annoying very quickly – like by the end of the first episode. I like Alina all right but I think she's a ringer. I've been rooting for Chet and Michael all along and now I hope Chet wins.

  10. Carla says:

    Good Bad…Indifferent….I was Honored to be taught by BOBBY FLAY…cooking is a art, I am thinking about my life…..This has really changed it….I thank the blue team for putting up with all my edginess, and the red team for there love and support…..

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