Bean Count: The Great Jelly Bean Debate

by in Food Network Magazine, March 31st, 2013

Jelly Beans

We didn’t need a massive Twitter poll to prove that black jelly beans are the black sheep of Easter candy: We’ve all seen those piles of uneaten ones left at the bottom of the bag. But we asked the question anyway, and sure enough, 65 percent of respondents said they leave the black ones behind. If you’re wondering why jelly bean makers don’t just eliminate them, executives at Brach’s say that the black beans are actually more of a hit than any other color. “People who love them really love them,” says company spokesman Hans Becher. How much? It’s the only flavor they sell by the whole bag.

(Photograph by Sam Kaplan)

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Comments (5)

  1. Craving for jelly beans

  2. It was one of the interesting question discussed here. But even I too like the black beans.

  3. Candy Elf says:

    Once my kids was starving for Jelly Belly i was in hurry to cook the jelly. but they shouted very much at that time i just cut the jelly as i like the shape. after that i saw an add of online candy store they offering the jelly exactly the same shape which i accidentally cut.

  4. copy essay says:

    In case you're asking why jam bean creators don't simply dispense with them, administrators at Brach's say that the dark beans are really even more a hit than some other color.

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