Best 5 Ham Recipes for Easter

by in Recipes, March 26th, 2013

tangerine-glazed hamServing a beautiful baked ham for Easter is a percect way to celebrate the holiday (that is, unless you’re going for something different this year). And the best part about a ham, whether its bone-in or spiral-cut, is that it can easily be adapted to suit your family’s tastes. Like it sweeter? More savory? No problem. Food Network has its five most searched-for ham recipes below — each recipe is a bit different to meet your needs this holiday. You’ll find recipes from the Neelys, Ina Garten, Paula Deen, Tyler Florence and Food Network Magazine. One recipe even offers four additional glaze recipes, perfect for the family that wants to try something unique like an Asian-inspired glaze. Any of these recipes are sure to please at your holiday gathering. And don’t forget the rest of the meal — for more recipes and ideas, check out Food Network’s Easter Central.

5. Honey Baked Ham — This ham recipe from the Neelys features a simple glaze of honey, brown sugar and red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper for a bit of kick.

4. Old-Fashioned Holiday Glazed Ham — Paula Deen’s recipe for ham makes quite the holiday showstopper. The ham is decorated with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries held in place by whole cloves. A glaze made from pineapple juice, brown sugar and yellow mustard adds a nice tangy flavor.

3. Orange Baked Ham — Ina Garten’s spiral-cut ham features a sweet and savory glaze made with orange marmalade, orange juice, orange zest, brown sugar, garlic and Dijon mustard.

2. Classic Glazed Ham — This recipe from Food Network Magazine gives you four different glaze options: an Apple-Maple Glaze, a Mustard-Orange Glaze, a Hoisin-Spice Glaze and a Pineapple-Apricot Glaze. Stud the ham with whole cloves if you like.

1. Tangerine-Glazed Easter Ham With Baby Carrots — Tyler Florence packs this ham with bold flavors. First, it’s rubbed with salt, pepper, freshly chopped sage and olive oil. Halfway through baking, the ham is covered with a glaze that includes butter, tangerine slices, tangerine juice, cloves and cinnamon. Baby carrots are scattered in the roasting pan to cook alongside the ham.

Visit Food Network’s Easter Central for more holiday ideas and recipes. And for wine-pairing ideas, visit Wine 101. What’s your favorite glaze for Easter ham? Leave a comment.

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  1. tuppermare says:

    Mark 5:9-12 the legions of demons are taken from the man and sent into the pigs….and y'all are gonna EAT that for Easter?? REALLY!

  2. moran302 says:

    i made this for easter and it was good. i did it a little different instead of tangerine-glaze i did it with blood orange-glaze and it was really good then i made the glaze into a sauce for the ham for dinner

  3. God says:

    Who knew demon's tasted soooo ggoooooddddddd, mmmmmm

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