Culinary Quiz: How Well Would You Fare at Worst Cooks Boot Camp?

by in Shows, February 16th, 2013

Worst Cooks in AmericaIn this all-new sixth season of Worst Cooks in America, 14 culinary recruits are in for the kitchen Boot Camp of their lives, as Chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence work to transform them into capable, confident cooks who can turn out winning meals with ease. But before one can be crowned the best of the worst of the kitchen, they’ll have to endure seven weeks of hands-on training covering even the most elementary culinary know-how.

For many watching the competition unfold at home, it’s easy to think that you’d fare far better than the recruits if tested with the same challenges of Boot Camp. But would you really succeed where others have fallen? FN Dish is giving you the opportunity to assess your critical culinary thinking and the extent of your cooking chops. Take the quiz below to find out how well you’d manage in the kitchen with Chefs Anne and Tyler.

How Well Would You Fare at Worst Cooks Boot Camp?

Think you have what it takes to make it at Boot Camp? Take this quiz to find out, and learn kitchen basics and culinary how-tos.
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Watch the premiere of Worst Cooks in America on Sunday, Jan. 4 at 9|8c.

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Comments (213)

  1. ken says:

    got a score of 70 i think i did pretty good

  2. anonymous says:

    i'm 13 and got 100% Cooking is my passion and I have soft pretzels rising right now

  3. Shirley says:

    Love Ann she must be doing something right. Not too many can beat her very encouraging

  4. kenisha young says:

    i want to go on this show but i live too far i'm from Belize :(

  5. katie says:

    my whole family is in the cooking or baking section so i always have a nice dinner but i prefer to bake cakes and cupcakes or make chocalates (sorry if im a bad speller) anyway i got a few questions wrong but i turn 13 on friday so i have a lot to learn!!

  6. Linda Kolter says:

    I got fifty percent and I guessed Alot. I cooked for the first 25 years of marriage and will start again on our 50th.
    My husband is worse than me but I have him convinced he is great in the kitchen. After all, I have to get six more years out of him. Any food is better than no food at all.

  7. Jeff says:

    It very sad for anybody who didn't get all of the questions correct because you can google the questions and get the correct answers!! ha ha I'm kidding, that would be cheating! I missed 2. The one about 'mise en place' and 'sweating'. I do 93% of the cooking for my family of 6, I'm the dad and nobody has ever complained about my cooking because if they did…….pow……….again I'm kidding. I love my family and I love to cook for them. Now if I could just get them to do the dishes once in a while!!

  8. Vicers23 says:

    i got confuse on one and in the other i had no idea what a mandoline was i was confused cause in my mind a mandolin* (no "e") is an instrument :(

  9. CookMaster says:

    I got a 100% i love to cook ….

  10. Larry O. says:

    I missed two. The mise en place and sweating. I do all the cooking and don't have many complaints about it.
    I just wish that I could afford to go to a culinary school so that I could learn so much more! Maybe one day!

    • Carol G. says:

      Read recipes of the foods that intrigue you. You will find that the processes will begin to be familiar and you can even try out some of the recipes. I actually collect cookbooks and often take similar dishes and create my own variations. Look for cookbooks that define terms, have good illustrations, and clear step-by-step instructions. Good luck!

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