Culinary Quiz: How Well Would You Fare at Worst Cooks Boot Camp?

by in Shows, February 16th, 2013

Worst Cooks in AmericaIn this all-new sixth season of Worst Cooks in America, 14 culinary recruits are in for the kitchen Boot Camp of their lives, as Chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence work to transform them into capable, confident cooks who can turn out winning meals with ease. But before one can be crowned the best of the worst of the kitchen, they’ll have to endure seven weeks of hands-on training covering even the most elementary culinary know-how.

For many watching the competition unfold at home, it’s easy to think that you’d fare far better than the recruits if tested with the same challenges of Boot Camp. But would you really succeed where others have fallen? FN Dish is giving you the opportunity to assess your critical culinary thinking and the extent of your cooking chops. Take the quiz below to find out how well you’d manage in the kitchen with Chefs Anne and Tyler.

How Well Would You Fare at Worst Cooks Boot Camp?

Think you have what it takes to make it at Boot Camp? Take this quiz to find out, and learn kitchen basics and culinary how-tos.
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Watch the premiere of Worst Cooks in America on Sunday, Jan. 4 at 9|8c.

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Comments (213)

  1. K245 says:

    When are the auditions in Boston? Give my a call or put it on the website! I really can't cook, and I am 35 years old!!!!!!!!!!

    • I'm there with ya! I'll be 34 and I'm so bad that I used to have to make protein shakes for my son to get nutrition because he won't eat my cooking…luckily my boyfriend fares pretty well…but I wish I wasn't so bad–it's embarrasing!!!! I can't fry, cook, bake, grill! I have two temperatures & two flavors: overcooked/undercooked & bland/too much flavor:(

  2. To me I think Anne Burrell is the best cook ever. Ever since I knew about cooking shows, she has 100% inspired me to cook. I hope she is reading this, because if she is, I really want her to reply back, or come to my hometown in Methuen Massachusetts. I am only 10 years old, and seeing her, and maybe being on the show, would really make me the happiest person ever! She really inspires me and without her inspiration, I wouldn't be cooking today.

    • Jazz says:

      I feel the same way she has inspired me to experiment in the kitchen and have fun doing it. Oh and she has inspired me to challenge myself and cook healthy ingredients (at least I try my best to) I live in GA, ATL

  3. Hockey Girl 29 says:

    I am only 10, and I got a 10/10 on the quiz!

  4. catherine rose says:

    Im 11 and I got 10 out of 8

  5. Gracey Malik says:

    I am 12 and I got 100%. Baaaabbbbaaaaammmm

  6. Bob says:

    Can't anyone spell spatula?

  7. Guest says:

    i got most of them right but cant cook to save my life..

  8. comftblynumb says:

    After getting a 93% on the quiz, I have made the best bowl of cereal EVER!!! Thank you Chefs Ann and Bobby!!

  9. Sabine Brown says:

    How do you sign up to be on the show ? I took the test and got 9 out of 10 right, but would love to have the experience. I enjoy watching all these shows, think it would be great !

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