Restaurant Revisited: Nanny Goat’s Cafe & Feed Bin

by in Shows, February 20th, 2013

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleIn one of his most dramatic missions to date, Robert Irvine arrived in Kilgore, Texas, to help Nancy Dupre, then owner of Nanny Goat’s Cafe & Feed Bin, transform her failing restaurant. But on day one of renovations she stormed out, vowing to end her Restaurant: Impossible experience before it even started. She became frustrated and simply overwhelmed when it was revealed that her daughter, Jessica, then cook at Nanny Goat’s, was the root of her business’s problems. Despite Nancy’s refusal, her mother, Sissy, and Jessica agreed that Robert and his team should continue their project, and the next day, a calmer, more composed Nancy returned to the site more committed to this mission than ever.

Although Robert and his team helped launch Nanny Goat’s into a new season of success with a crowd-pleasing menu and clean yet comfortable decor, Nancy decided to sell the restaurant for a profit, and has since entered retirement. Jessica no longer works at Nanny Goat’s Cafe, but much of the eatery’s other staff remains.

We checked in with Sharon Henley and Glenda Reid, the new owners of Nanny Goat’s, who took control of the restaurant in the new year, and they’re proud to say that their restaurant is “full of customers every day.” They’re pleased with its fresh, welcoming look and admit that they “work together like a well-oiled machine” with their employees.

Nanny Goat’s is currently not serving dinner, although they plan to start nighttime service at the end of February. Looking back on the past couple months, Sharon and Glenda say, “We are grateful for everyone’s support. We can’t succeed without them.”

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Comments (243)

  1. Danie says:

    I couldn't stand Jessica and her Mom. 2 of the most ungrateful, nagging, selfish people ever. They had EVERYTHING handed to them all Nancy could do was complain. If you didn't want RI to come to your restaurant and SAVE the crap hole that you turned it into then why sign up? I am sure ANYONE would love to take a little criticism in order to have a free handout. Nancy- grow up. And Robert/Food Network…you should REALLY consider putting something into wording that states that you can't sell the restaurant right after the show. Rediculous.

  2. no need to be mean says:

    What the hell happened to Robert?? He used to have a great show with humor and tolerance. He's turned into an angry, hateful person. Belittling people to the point he did in this episode was not entertainment! I used to love his show and humor but I couldn't stomach watching the entire show! That poor woman was saying and agreeing she was a mess and needed help…he harped and harped as if he was getting pleasure out of her pain. Jeez Robert ease the hell up! This is turning into reality TV at it's worst vs. let's show some human decency and help someone who already recognizes she is failing.

    • Kongo-Otto says:

      If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Simple isn't it?

    • cheryl says:

      Robert does his job with great attitude some of these people and businesses he should of just shut them down some were just dumps

    • lorenz says:

      agree. not necessary to do that and he needs to be popped in the beak when he's on one of his dehumanizing rants. it's the age-old syndrome of i'll help you if you let me abuse you, and many petty viewers love it. of course, most don't get measured in their own lives, a nation of monday morning quarterbacks.

      • JoWall says:

        I agree with you..I watch a lot of those programs Food Network and find he has NO tact whatsoever. Does not know the meaning of tolerance or empathy for other people. Wouldn't blame someone if they "popped" him in the mouth!

    • guest says:

      Gordon Ramsay is much worse. If you watch the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares UK, he was much more on the down low. And the Masterchef series in the US is sub-par compared to the original UK version, the Australian and New Zealand versions. One must also bear in mind that chefs are very passionate people – high-quality restaurants are run like the military and Robert used to be in the British Navy. I think he's just honest and forthcoming. The truth can be a hard pill to swallow. The producers are most likely behind the in your face approach as well.

      • Dindbar says:

        Robert is just trying to make these idiots understand what they are doing wrong and can't see. This woman was a freaking human garbage bag idiot on TV. I would have walked out and let her eat it! Robert made over that restaurant and she sold right after he left. Garbage will rot, and I hope she does.

    • zardy says:

      If I were him, I would've flipped out much worse. First thing, that lady is freaking delusional and unnecessarily hard-headed. She's an egomaniac and over-protective of her own daughter who in my opinion is pretty fickle-minded. Not sure whether this is just another characteristic an American has, but both of them didn't have the right mind-set in the first place. Just look at them. Anyone who's ignorant enough to let themselves appear like that… ah. Yeah. I just feel sorry fr Irvine to have wasted his time on this stupid family. And yes, I wonder why a person like Sissy has such daughter and granddaughter.

    • Susan says:

      You're right. He's turned into a jerk and a bully.

    • @Surfette72 says:

      You mean to tell me that you watched this entire episode and ROBERT was the one you thought was angry and hateful? How does that happen???

  3. Robert says:

    Robert: "I've never had an owner walk out on me before." Ummmm…what about the BBQ guy in Memphis who left and wouldn't come back until his wife intervened? This show used to be about restaurant renovations. Now it's all family drama.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Good catch! The guy who bragged about his 'old family recipe'…which came out of a jar, right? That woman was a saint.

  4. Hope says:

    The only episode of RI that I have ever seen where Robert cooks the dinner the entire time and the "chef" is never in the kitchen. Very telling as to what those people's intentions were with regard to their future. By that point he had very little choice but to save the episode of his show and the diners were treated to the finest quality meal that will ever be served in that establishment. Ever!

  5. cherryrcooks says:

    I watched this episode for the first time yesterday. What a frickin' scam artist! Nancy had no intention of staying at Nanny Goat's and used FN and RI to jump ship. Karma's going to bite Nancy.

  6. kelly arden says:

    Sorry to learn the outcome was for Nanny Goat to take the money (improvements) and run (sell.) But the new owners deserve the new rennovation and will have a great menu to follow, thanks to Robert. One positive is that Jessica is out of the potential food poisoning business. The mother/daughter team don't really belong in the food business. I hope there is also a name change coming to the restaurant.

  7. Kim says:

    This episode was sickenng…SCAM ARTISTS.

  8. guest says:

    owner made $1 million from selling a restaurant before and blew it all so had to borrow $70,000 to start this one? something smells rotten! Stupidity, incompetence, drugs…..who knows?

  9. non-nanny goater says:

    Entertaining episode, oh the drama! I unfortunately took 4 out-of-town family members to Nanny Goats in the fall for lunch on a weekend, with 4 out of 5 of our meals having to be substituted, since, as the waiter said, they only had what was left in the fridge, because the owner hadn't paid the bill for the food source….S, after asking twice for silverware, I found them on a countertop alongside the wall, and got us all napkins, plastic utensils, and straws. Three times we asked for refills, no luck, but we did get to hear all about the i-phone apps the server and cashier were comparing…I also found a pitcher with ice water, and did the serving. There was a quiet, little gray-haired lady that was eating by herself, and she left without paying, but I now recognize her as "Sissy" – I thought she must have had as rough a time as we did! The server did serve one useful function that I witnessed, as did we all – after apparently cleaing out the fridge, he took the garbage out the front door, for all the patrongs to smell as he sashayed by. After lodging a complaint, while interrupting the conversation between the server and cashier to get the ticket, I have to admit, they comped 3 out of the 5 meals. What a disaster, and it just kept on getting better. As soon as we were out of there, the server came over, locked the door, and shot us the finger. I was embarrassed and disgusted at the entire "event" – but rest assured, my family will NEVER let me pick a restaurant again! Great job, Robert, but what hags!!

  10. KayKay says:

    I just watched…and now know that the restaurant has been sold (no surprise!). My question…How in the hell can you pay a server $2.75 per hour in this day and age?? I made that 35 years ago!!! And that was before the IRS automatically deducted tip money (whether you make it or not). Those wages are criminal!

    • albert says:

      why did robert agree to do this restaurant ,he got tricked , after fixing the restaurant she sold it ,i new that was comeing and he should have know.

    • DannyGuam says:

      I think the answer to your question is it's Texas, that's how. $2.75 an hour is insulting to working people. The fact that the owner sold right away after Robert left tells you all you need to know about her.

      • Patrick says:

        No, it's not just Texas, you damn yankee! That is the national minimum wage for all tipped employees, and that is actually not required. Some businesses that seat less than between 25 – 35 (I forgot the exact number) at a time is not required to abide by the tipped minimum wage.

    • cheryl says:

      That is normal wages for waitresses

      • George says:

        Cheryl, some people don't understand how tipped employees get paid hourly…they probably wonder why servers and bartenders don't get $10 per hour salary lol.

    • LBcentaur says:

      Under FEDERAL law, the minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.15 per hour. When combined with tips, an employee must make the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour, or the employer makes up the difference. Some states have higher minimums. Some states do not allow paying lower wages to tipped employees.

    • Sarahbeth says:

      $2.13 is minimum wage for servers in KY. It's normal.

    • Butterfly lady says:

      If you don't make enough money in tips to support yourself/family, then you need to get a different job! I raised my family of 6 children after my husband left by waitressing in a sit down sandwich shop. I did have a second part-time job. Think about when you go out to eat–how much do you leave for a tip? Most servers have 4-6 tables, and those tables turn over every hr. during rush hours. Most servers make $40-70 a day in tips and that is in a simple sandwich shop in the mid-west.

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