Coming This March: Justin Warner’s Rebel Eats

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, February 18th, 2013

Rebel Eats Justin WarnerFood Network Star season 8 winner, Justin Warner, will hit the road in search of unique culinary rule-breakers in a one-hour special, Rebel Eats, airing Saturday, March 30, at 10pm/9c. Armed with $300 in his pocket, a beat-up car and a passion for unconventional food and eccentric people, Justin will travel the back roads of the South to try everything from moonshine and bacon beer to barbecue in a jar and jellyfish pasta. Along the way, Justin will meet the cooks and proprietors who, like him, march to their own beat through the world of food.

PHOTOS: Flip through Justin’s Star Scrapbook
VIDEO: Relive the moment Justin won
RECIPES: Try your hand at Justin’s recipes

Justin Warner, originally from Hagerstown Md., is a self-taught cook and is chef and co-owner of Do or Dine in Brooklyn, N.Y. — a restaurant that he built from the ground up. Justin began working in restaurants at just 13 years old and his approach to food reflects his personality: edgy, intense, passionate and witty.

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Comments (62)

  1. Sue says:

    Can't wait!!!!!

  2. Grace says:

    It is about time!! I thought something bad had happened to Justin. So glad that he is doing his show now!!

  3. forever says:

    Why is there so much hating about this new show?? Just let Justin do the show that he wants. If you don't like the sound of it, then don't watch it!!

  4. Melanie says:

    After all this time waiting… it's a travel show. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy travel shows but that's not what we were sold — this puts a bad taste in my mouth; I feel a bit ripped off. With that being said, I'll watch and give it a chance.

  5. Joe says:

    Just watched the show. Fun, interesting, informative, fun, wish I was there. Wasn't a big fan but I am now. I seem to like you better now that you're not in a competition. Great job Justin Rebel.

  6. Industrial Sewing Repair says:

    Unique and he makes me laugh! First time watch the re-run. He is a star!

  7. Jenn says:

    Sooooo, I watched the show, I liked it, and thats it? One show?
    To me it seems like The Food Network has become The Guy Network. I like Guy's show, I just don't like him. Justin was a breath of fresh air. I was really looking forward to watching him everyweek.
    He did get robbed.
    What a shame, and I guess The Next Food Network Star is a sham.

  8. Heather says:

    How irritating…yet again, Food Network got us excited about a new personality and then let it drift for nine months. I've kept an eye out for Justin's show and somehow missed any ads announcing the "first' show. Had the same problem with all the "new" stars…and when the new show did come on, it was in the middle of the day it seems. Why wouldn't the new star's show be highlighted with all the same fanfare as the next star show had? The big draw to the audience (and seemingly at the time to the network execs) was Justin's cool tips…partly why he was so fantastic with Alton. Guess I'll search the net for the one episode of Justin's show (even though another food travel show isn't terribly exciting). Otherwise I'll just stick with the net–Justin's blog, Alton's old Good Eats episodes, and pinterest people cooking.

  9. KBabyak says:

    Nice "bait and switch" Food Network. I honestly thought that The Next Food Network Star was a show where the winner actually got a show! Not one or two internet specials! At least I wasn't the only one you duped. Last season was the first I watched and I liked it a lot – and Justin – but I have to say, "what was the point?" There is zero drama when there is nothing to WIN and that's what it looks like from this viewer's perspective. Why should I as a viewer care when even though you choose a winner you don't even believe in them enough to give them a 6 episode 30 minute test run of a series?! If you don't care, why should I?

    • Marge says:

      I agree. This was a shame. A reincarnated DDD with food I would never make. I am thoroughly disappointed with the Food Network on this one. Perhaps next season you will get someone that actually cooks.

  10. I used to love the Food Network channel. My television used to be on this channel every night after work "(Emeril was da bomb back in the day). I loved Chopped when it first came out and really loved DDD. But why are there so many reruns of these shows. It seems like that's all that's on these days. Can we please bring back the exciting new programming that used to be on instead of trotting out the same old same old? The only show that I trully wish showed more re-runs was Good Eats and that's not even on anymore. I miss that too. :(

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