Coming This March: Justin Warner’s Rebel Eats

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, February 18th, 2013

Rebel Eats Justin WarnerFood Network Star season 8 winner, Justin Warner, will hit the road in search of unique culinary rule-breakers in a one-hour special, Rebel Eats, airing Saturday, March 30, at 10pm/9c. Armed with $300 in his pocket, a beat-up car and a passion for unconventional food and eccentric people, Justin will travel the back roads of the South to try everything from moonshine and bacon beer to barbecue in a jar and jellyfish pasta. Along the way, Justin will meet the cooks and proprietors who, like him, march to their own beat through the world of food.

PHOTOS: Flip through Justin’s Star Scrapbook
VIDEO: Relive the moment Justin won
RECIPES: Try your hand at Justin’s recipes

Justin Warner, originally from Hagerstown Md., is a self-taught cook and is chef and co-owner of Do or Dine in Brooklyn, N.Y. — a restaurant that he built from the ground up. Justin began working in restaurants at just 13 years old and his approach to food reflects his personality: edgy, intense, passionate and witty.

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Comments (62)

  1. Tommy says:

    Sounds like low rent DDD or Alton's motercycle shows. Of course Alton is the producer so it would sound like one of his shows.

  2. Michael says:

    Thought DDD was low-rent to begin with. This sounds like a step up. Warner is a unique voice. Will be watching.

  3. Trish says:

    Like a lot of the other commments here I think you already have many many shows like this. DDD, Alton's motercycle shows, the $24 in 24 that the winner of a previous year(the sandwich king)does and I believe that show is a copy of Rachel Ray's $40 a day. Would really like to see a new type of shows from you all.

  4. FN fan says:

    Hmm…DDD, Man Vs Food, Bizarre Foods, $40 a Day, $24 in $24, etc etc etc…give the kid a chance and give him a different kind of show!!!

  5. S.Akins says:

    Was really looking forward to seeing this guy cook, BUT ANOTHER TRAVEL SHOW, Think I'll pass on this one, Sorry Justin, you got robbed!

  6. Denis says:

    I can understand why AB dropped out of this one. Derivative and low-rent. Disappointed.

  7. Matt says:

    I was really hoping for a reincarnation of Good Eats. I think we have come a long way in our food science knowledge since then and Justin would have done it justice. Hopefully getting shafted with another travel show doesn't the first season of Justin's show will be his last.

    • JoAnn says:

      Of all the enteries above, your's comes the closest to stating how I feel also. I really thought his
      show was going to be about cooking and because of his unique perspective on food, I too thought
      it would be similar to Good Eats (a learning curve, if you will). I voted for Justin and will watch his program but can tell it is not going to be what I was looking forward to.


  8. Travel says:

    Darn, tried to put an r in travel before post submiited.

    • ebnifong says:


  9. Travel says:

    Oh geesh I can't spell today. Must be Monday!

  10. Lauren Z. says:

    What happened to "Rebel with a Culinary Cause"??? Is Justin still going to have his own COOKING show? That's what we have been looking forward to since last June.

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