Chef Wanted: Mirabelle Update

by in Shows, February 7th, 2013

Chef WantedAt Mirabelle restaurant in Hollywood, owners George Germanides and Justine Giannini (George’s daughter) decided they needed help after a recent failed overhaul. They asked Anne Burrell and the Chef Wanted team to help them find a chef who could infuse new life into the aging establishment. Anne brought in four candidates, and after some grueling tests, an offer was extended to Drew Ison.

On the show, Chef Ison proved he understood what the owners wanted by creating flavorful dishes in the restaurant’s cooking style. Though he let time constraints get to him during dinner service, resulting in some dishes being sent back and worrying the owners that he wouldn’t pull through. In the end Chef Ison was offered the position because of his vision of fusing Mediterranean and California cuisines as the new concept for Mirabelle.

“Chef Ison is doing an amazing job. He truly understands Mirabelle’s customer base,” says George. Longtime customers continue to support the restaurant and there is also a steady rise in new customers because of Chef Ison’s menu changes.

FN Dish caught up with Chef Ison since the show taped. Watch the video above to find out what it was like doing the show, what winning meant and how his confidence has improved since becoming the new executive chef of Mirabelle. He also talks about how his life used to be filled with negativity and that his tattoos are a reflection of that, but this new opportunity has brought him a lot of positivity. Chef Ison is very excited about all that he can do for Mirabelle.

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Comments (31)

  1. JACK MARTIN says:


  2. Kathy Kidd says:

    Congratulations Drew!! It is inspiring to see someone rise above their past. I think Mirabelle and Drew are a perfect match, both needing a fresh new start on life.
    It is very unfortunate that in Drew's past heartache has come to some families. We can all debate weather it was an accident or not or who was at fault…it won't take away anyones lose or pain. All who have been affected by the incident ( Drew included) deal with it as they must and as we all must when a tragedy hits our life. It is never a moment where all sides can come together. We must ask would it be better for Drew to continue on the wrong path with the possibility of damaging other lives or to move forward in a positive direction.
    Drew…..Continue to move forward and make positive leaps in your life. Your grandparents would be proud of you. Your family and friends are proud of you and support you; not only as a fine young man,but an inspiration for those who are on the wrong path for a new hope, and as a the newest Chef of Mirabelle. Congratulations Drew Ison and Congratulations Mirabelle!!

    • Myself says:

      What is wrong with you! Why are you posting about his past? This is about his future and things that may have happened in his past destructive past. If you were really wishing him well in his future. You wouldn't keep bringing up his past. Seems like your compliments are marinated in passive aggressiveness and braised in guilt and dressed in false wishes of success. Jeez!

      • Devastated Family says:

        Because he never atoned for his past!
        He got away with a crime because of lousy police work.
        It was NO accident. It's called "under the influence"

  3. Mary G says:

    GREAT show – heard about Mirabelle even here in Ohio.

    So surprised Jeff lost – he had everything plated, had dessert, was not sloppy like Drew's presentation . . . wonder if it was personalities. Drew's food and Jeff's look wonderful….guests seem to like both food ('amazing', worth the wait' made me want to jump through the tube and enjoy) but Drew kept making the lamb too rare for the owner and then again in the service. Drew used the bloody lamb knife for lemons…surprised with the kitchen mistakes he made that he was chosen.

    You guys should give Jeff another shot he was cool, polite and seemed very willing to please and his food looked FABULOUS!

  4. Lauren says:

    I really used to love this show but I am getting so tired of the contestants getting screamed at by Anne. It's too bad because she is such an awesome chef and female chef role model. But the constant berating is getting really uncomfortable to watch.

    Also, since when can pregnant women not have scallops? The American Pregnancy Association puts scallops in the lowest category of mercury, saying they are safe for 6 oz servings up to 2 times a week! Unless they were undercooked in this preparation… but it didn't sound like that was the point they were making. Weird.

    • Guest says:

      I wondered about the scallops,too! Sounds like the pregnant woman was just being a diva! Since she didn't order the scallop,if she said she was allergic or politely declined the offer,stating that she really didn't care for scallops,that would be different! I think she just wanted to be the center of attention!

  5. Jeff larson says:

    Agree, Anne's constant screaming makes it uncomfortable to watch. I can watch Ramsey do that.

  6. Disappointed Viewer says:

    I just watched the last episode of "Chef Wanted" with Anne Burrell. Ms Anne Burrell you JUST SHOWED THE WORLD YOUR TRUE SELF..A RACIST!!!!! I am appalled about what I witnessed . You outwardly stated that you brought the white man "here", helped him cook the vegetarian dish after he cussed you out . All you did with the black guy was criticized every mistake he made and no one offered assistance or encouragement . Your decision was unfair and seemed predetermined . Is that a competition ? NO. That is you hooking up you fellow White man . You are the worst kind of racist. If you are going to show your ugly face on TV wear the sheet so we will know exactly what you are. I actually enjoyed the show until now. I will never watch it again or anything with you on it. I will spread the word to all my friends, family and friends of friends. Don't you love the power of social network. Keep your head Brother you are talented and will be successful!

    • Guest says:

      It might be helpful if actually watched the episode that you are supposedly commenting on! Nothing in your comments happened on this show!

    • D987654321 says:

      I would've thrown his ass out the door in the first round after that nasty double-dipping incident, but he managed to redeem himself with his food. Still, though. YUCK!

  7. Annette Brown says:

    Drew…Congratulations on your achievement. I know your father and also knew your dad's grandparents in Monterey Park. They would be so proud. Keep up the good work!

    Annette Brown

  8. Appalled Viewer says:

    This has got to be the most blatantly racist episode of any on the Food Network channel that I have watched — which is saying something since the FN channel has set quite a high bar for showing racial bias on its shows (we wait with bated breath to see which of the 4 male (3 white) chopped champion finalists wins the $50k). As a litigator, this strikes me as a textbook example of race bias in the workplace.

    Chef Jeff delivers a solid menu and performs an almost flawless service. Worse thing that happens is that a few dishes are returned. But he pushes through and rallies his team to deliver.

    Chef Drew is late with his prep (and even then doesn't deliver on dessert); his plates are rejected regularly, he quickly gets backed up with orders — to the point that order checks are falling all over the floor. He completely falls apart and exercises ZERO leadership. One customer is even recorded saying that there is not a single dish on his menu that is attractive.

    And yet, somehow in the end, Chef Drew is declared the winner. Even for the FN it was shocking in its overt racism.

    I suppose it is no wonder that there was not a single African American patron at the restaurant– I am going to surmise that people of color are not welcome at Mirabelle.

    More broadly, the formula in this show is not that different from Chopped or other of these Food Network episodes. Women and people of color are the first ones to be summarily dispatched, with nothing but arbitrariness to show for the bias in judgement.

    As for Anne Burrell, I wonder if she ever watches herself on TV. She is an embarrassment to all progressive women who try to bring different values to the workplace – collegiality, respect, collaboration and encouragement. Sadly, she displays none of these qualities.

    • 1kate68 says:

      Why is it that when a black person loses then people cry out racism? I'm actually surprised Drew was picked because of his tattoos. Is that something you'd want in a classy restaurant? I'm sure if Jeff won then people would say it was because of they had to have their token black??? You need to remember that these shows are EXTREMELY edited and we don't see everything that happens. I'm an Irish white person and I'm color blind. I don't see different colors of people's skin. I think the only ones that really have a problem with minorities are themselves.

    • Hillary says:

      I admit to being a little surprised about the owners choice, given Drew's history and fairly recent sobriety. BUT the important point here is that is was the OWNER's Choice, I don't get your rant about FN being racist at all, they didn't make the choice the owners of Mirabelle did. Whatever their reasons they are a private company who can make whatever choices they want about who they want to hire.

      At the end of the day they liked Drew's concept better, so that is what they went with, again this was not an FN decision, so your rant really makes no sense.

      As far as Anne is concerned, she is playing a part, a larger version of who she really is, she is on TV for goodness sake, no one expects it to be Shakespeare! If you don't like her personality then why are you watching? It's not like this is the first episode and you didn't know what to expect right? In fact based on your rant I wonder why you help FN stay on the air by watching all these "overtly racist" shows?

    • Aislyn says:

      Somehow your surmising missed almost the very first thing that the owner said when he said that Ms. Halle Berry is a regular, valued customer of their restaurant. So I suppose she is a not a "person of color." That term in and of itself is ridiculous because ALL people have color. Racism will never go away as long as the "race card" has to be played every time a black person does not win out in a competition.

  9. Rick Senuty says:

    Hello Drew,We are so proud of you Its seems like it was yesterday you were tasting my soups at the Mendocino Hotel.The Mirabelle, has a great Chef My wife and I wish the very best.Love Rick Senuty.

  10. Brian says:

    Wow I am floored by these comments at the end of day, the owners decide who they want to cook for them. I am black restaurant owner if I had two candidates and the white one service looked better, but I chosen the black one … i am a racist? There is more to picking a chef then what you see in 30 minute episode on tv….

    • Jai says:

      I agree. I knew that they were going to pick Drew because he stayed close to the type of food that the restaurant is known for. It's the same thing if a Chinese restaurant is interviewing for a chef, they will pick someone who cooks Chinese dishes. Chef Jeff tried to bring in French and Southern cuisine to a Mediterranean Restaurant. If you notice Appalled Viewer, every African-American chef on the show tried to fuse Southern cuisine to a restaurant that already has a reputation for a certain type of cuisine. The "Love Doctor" chef tried to add Southern Cuisine to a steakhouse restaurant, and he went up against a chef who cooked in steakhouses for over 10 years. It's about who will cook the dishes that will make money for the restaurant.

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