What’s in Your Ultimate Chopped Basket?

by in Shows, January 21st, 2013

Chopped BasketThree rounds, three different baskets and 12 out-of-this-world ingredients. Whether it’s Chopped Champions, All-Stars or regular-season episodes, that’s a lot of combinations to come up with.

So we’re asking this question: What would be included in your ultimate Chopped basket? Not something you’d want to receive, but something you’d give to a fellow competitor. Would there be two proteins? All sweets? Would you include one or two ingredients they’ve probably never heard of? It can be argued that the simplest ingredients like eggs, chicken, pasta and rice are sometimes the hardest.

Tell us what you’d choose in the comments below.

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Comments (448)

  1. Dorie says:

    Appetizer: pickled pigs feet, beet juice, cottage cheese, plain rice cakes

    Entree: mortadella, white clam sauce, stuffed dates, beef liver

    Dessert: circus peanuts, wonton wrappers, elephant garlic, spicy V8 juice

  2. Mrs.Hall says:

    I think there should be an allergen friendly show.

    NO: cow dairy/products, nuts of any kind, eggs, wheat products, shellfish, fish, soy products – NONE OF IT. Have them use ingredients that do NOT have those listed. Nor any currently living organism – so piece of meat is fine.

    • Jay says:

      Awesome idea! only downside is that humans can be allergic to anything. I'm allergic to Coffee, and I know someone allergic to peaches, Canteloupe, and Corn.

  3. Matt says:

    Appetizer:ice cream, steak, eggs, juice
    Main: sour pach kids, piña colada mix, cheese, hot sauce
    Dessert: Pez, lemons , chicken wings, air heads

  4. Melissa says:

    App: pesto, strawberries, lamb and fresh ricotta
    Entree: haddock, quinoa, oranges, kale, brown sugar and jalapeno peppers
    Dessert: espresso, mint, lemon, frosted mini wheats and cayenne

  5. Dorothy Noseff says:

    I have seen the cafeteria ladies compete on chopped and I thought it would be different to get nursing home cooks to compete on chopped. I have only seen bland tasteless food there.

  6. DivaMom says:

    Appetizer: Sugar Cane, Bologna, Kale, Rice Cakes
    Entree: Cornish Game Hen, Ginger Beer, Canned Green Beans, Crema
    Dessert: Pickled Beets, Marshmallow Creme, Pretzels, Strawberry Kool-aid

  7. Mrs.waupochick says:

    Appetizer: dog fish, Indian corn, maple syrup cakes and milk
    Dinner: bacon grease, bear meat, hull corn and captain crunch
    Desert: marshmallows, dill pickles, blonde coffee and thousand island dressing

  8. adrian says:

    Appetizer: Canned Oysters, Peanut Butter Cups, Blueberries and Turnips
    Entree: Caramel Popcorn, Creamed Spinach, Haggis and Bloody Mary Mix
    Dessert: Beef Jerky, Marshmallows, Clementines and Corn on the Cob

  9. shae says:

    Appetizer: corn beef hash, strawberry jam, beets, and corn bread
    Entree: cows tounge, skim milk, leftover pizza, and oranges
    Dessert: funnel cake, jello, garlic bread, and guava juice

  10. Maggie says:

    Appetizer: Sweetbreads, Watermelon, Bamboo Shoots, Amaretto
    Entree: Marshmallow fluff, Sunflower Seeds, Cuttlefish, Lime Jello Mix
    Dessert: Cherimoya, Steak Sauce, Sirene, Macadamia Nuts

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