What’s in Your Ultimate Chopped Basket?

by in Shows, January 21st, 2013

Chopped BasketThree rounds, three different baskets and 12 out-of-this-world ingredients. Whether it’s Chopped Champions, All-Stars or regular-season episodes, that’s a lot of combinations to come up with.

So we’re asking this question: What would be included in your ultimate Chopped basket? Not something you’d want to receive, but something you’d give to a fellow competitor. Would there be two proteins? All sweets? Would you include one or two ingredients they’ve probably never heard of? It can be argued that the simplest ingredients like eggs, chicken, pasta and rice are sometimes the hardest.

Tell us what you’d choose in the comments below.

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Comments (450)

  1. Ariana says:

    The first course should be green tea, powdered sugar, astronot ice cream, and salami

  2. smengstrom1 says:

    I think they should do a vegetarian/gluten free challenge
    Appetizer: rice pasta, gluten-free bread, Pina Colada mix, almond butter
    Entree: Tofu, cocoa powder, iceberg lettuce, protein bars, ketchup
    Dessert: Unsweetened Almond milk, Meyer Lemons, Cheetos, cilantro

  3. Amelia says:

    B&M Brown Bread Original
    HP sauce
    Bacalaitos – Codfish Fritter Mix
    Naranja Agria Bitter Orange Marinade
    Yellow Hot Whole Peppers

  4. almightycharlie says:

    app: live octopus, root beer, durian, marmite
    ent: century egg, kiviaq, retsina, corn starch
    des: potatos, rosewater syrup, pearl onions, MSG

    • almightycharlie says:

      marmite- a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty. This distinctive taste is reflected in the British company's marketing slogan: "Love it or hate it."

      kiviaq- fermented gull an Inuit delicacy

      century egg- aged egg

    • Victor says:

      A live octopus would take up too much time …first you have to soften it because otherwise it is impossible to handle.

  5. thatgrrl says:

    Appetizer: lemon yoghurt, raw carrots, sea salt and a whole pineapple
    Main: pickled eggs, lake trout, barley and apple cider vinegar
    Dessert: dark chocolate, smoked salmon, seaweed and dandelion greens

    I hate the shows where they have to butcher something that was alive in the basket. Some of them really mangle the poor thing before it finally dies and is out of it's misery. I'm not on team PETA but that is hard to watch.

  6. rick says:

    How about Fresh Kale, Pinkelwurst, Irish oatmeal and pig knuckles.
    Then for dessert Danish dessert, Vanilla pudding, strawberry and tortilla's
    Buffalo heart, already made Native American Fry Bread and Blackberry's

  7. Clorese says:

    Chopped should do an all vegetarian meal as one of the competitions.

  8. texmom52 says:

    I'd throw a twist into the game. Allow them only what a homemaker could get with Food Stamps and give them a budget for each meal – serves 4. Same for the pantry. You can allow something a wise homemaker might grow in their apartment balcony container gardern, tomatos, peppers, field lettuce, a few fresh herbs. No alcohol, no wine, no thousands of herbs and spices. Just a few basics like garlic powder, cayenne, salt, and pepper, minced onion. If you like you can give them a little extra time to shop (or you could just do that part off screen and tell us here's what they've chosen on their budget).

  9. Sophie says:

    For the Appetizer: Crawfish, torillia chips, marchino cherries and jicama.

    For the Entree: Bison, sweetened coconut flakes, raisin-bran cereal, and radishes.

    For the Dessert: Broccoli, sour patch kids, fresh ginger, and confectioner's sugar.

  10. matthew says:

    a;rock candy,baby beets,king crab legs,polenta log
    e;buffalo short ribs,blue corn meal,peanut butter cups,candied ginger
    d;squid ink,masa dough,coconut water,spinach

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