What’s in Your Ultimate Chopped Basket?

by in Shows, January 21st, 2013

Chopped BasketThree rounds, three different baskets and 12 out-of-this-world ingredients. Whether it’s Chopped Champions, All-Stars or regular-season episodes, that’s a lot of combinations to come up with.

So we’re asking this question: What would be included in your ultimate Chopped basket? Not something you’d want to receive, but something you’d give to a fellow competitor. Would there be two proteins? All sweets? Would you include one or two ingredients they’ve probably never heard of? It can be argued that the simplest ingredients like eggs, chicken, pasta and rice are sometimes the hardest.

Tell us what you’d choose in the comments below.

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Comments (450)

  1. lisa says:

    Lets see some Ramen noodles, chitterlings and salt & vinegar chips lol

  2. Sara says:

    Yes I agree with Lisa, ramen noodles, chitterlings, salt & vinegar chips! what a crazy combination lol

  3. Collin says:

    Chinese okra, Panko, Dark chocolate, and scallops. :)

  4. Sabra says:

    Gelt( Chocolate Coins(, red snapper, rainbow chard, ghost chilis!

  5. Why Not? says:

    How about make it indian?
    Chicken curry: Chicken, curry leaves, spices.

    Biryani: Basmati rice, eggs, saffron.

  6. guest says:

    Pickled shallots / falafel/ arrowhead root/ bone marrow

  7. PJA says:

    Appetizer Round: Easter 'Peeps', Wasabi, Green Olives, and mini Armour Sausages;

    Entree' Round: The cheap, packaged 'Deli Turkey' slices (like the Buddig"), bananas, the equivalent of a Twinkie these days (LIttle Debbie Brand, perhaps), and black beans in a can.

    Dessert: Whole Wheat Pasta, semi-sweet, chocolate chips, Almond flour, and broccoli.

    I DARE anyonje to try this!

  8. PJA says:

    Appetizer: Etrog Citron, Sweetbread, Instant Coffee, and Chocolate-Chip Mint Ice Cream; Entree: Sea Beans, HI-C Grape Powdered Drink, Deli Salami Slices, and Buckwheat Flour; Dessert: Bok Choy, sardines, Peanut Brittle, and Instant Corn Bread Mix. I don't think this can be done! :)

  9. Deanna Wagoner says:

    I'm calling this Redneck Chopped…these are foods we ate when I was young in southern Indiana.

    Appetizer: jowl bacon, dandelion greens, persimmons, graham crackers
    Entree : Bluegill, black walnuts, turnips, stewed tomatoes
    Dessert : sorghum, bread and butter pickles, oats, circus peanuts

  10. Dawn Saunders says:

    Hot dogs, tumeric, pita pockets, carrots

    Pork tenderloin, scotch bonet peppers, tortilla shells-soft, corn on the cob

    Gummie bears, svelt flour, fennel seeds, goose eggs

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