What’s in Your Ultimate Chopped Basket?

by in Shows, January 21st, 2013

Chopped BasketThree rounds, three different baskets and 12 out-of-this-world ingredients. Whether it’s Chopped Champions, All-Stars or regular-season episodes, that’s a lot of combinations to come up with.

So we’re asking this question: What would be included in your ultimate Chopped basket? Not something you’d want to receive, but something you’d give to a fellow competitor. Would there be two proteins? All sweets? Would you include one or two ingredients they’ve probably never heard of? It can be argued that the simplest ingredients like eggs, chicken, pasta and rice are sometimes the hardest.

Tell us what you’d choose in the comments below.

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Comments (450)

  1. marym says:

    Lemon curd, port wine, churizo, wonton wrappers.

  2. marym says:

    Another idea I always had : all canned products for all 3 rounds.

  3. Stacey says:

    I've always wanted to see an entire episode done vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free.

  4. Steve says:

    Mako Shark, Habaneros, Malabar Pepper, guavas, creme fresche

  5. mcduffie says:

    I want to know why do all the blacks get elimiated .i,ve been watching these show for a couple yrs and ive not seen two many blacks all the judges always seem to find a way to gey rid of the blacks if im wrong o well but its only what i see.

    • Perspone says:

      I just want to point out that two or three seasons ago the Chopped Champion was black. I understand how you can get that impression made in your statement. As explained above in response to the comment regarding women, the problem may not be with the actual show but with the industry itself. From what I have seen the industry is dominated by white males. I have also noticed that a number of the minority chefs (including women) are younger and it could be that their experience levels are what trip them up with the crazy combinations of ingredients in the baskets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you should learn English first.
      That's why all you blackies lose.

    • Just me says:

      Oh good lord, get over it…..surely you can't call this show racist….it is what it is…if they can't cook, they don't win….

  6. Gen says:

    Tofurkey, Krill, Wheatgrass, Cranberry Juice. :)

  7. CIndy says:

    vanilla pudding, yukon potatoes, phyllo dough for the appetizer. How can they make it colorful?

  8. Fayetteville says:

    Why is the female always voted off first? Why are there 2/3 male judges occasionly 1 female? Why are there no female winners? Is this a sexist show? Sounds like it,

    • Melinda says:

      I've seen plenty of female winners. The field of 'chefdom' seems to be dominated by men in general so I don't think there is any major bias on chopped. On last night's chopped champions, there were two on who were previous champs. BTW, I am female too and am well aware of bias and discrimination but am careful not to accuse when there isn't any real evidence.

    • lol says:

      because girls cant cook… duh

    • linda says:

      I always think the same thing. The judges are all full of it. All reality men learned to cook from a woman.

  9. Tom says:

    I just wanna say…the Chopped Champions is a great idea….but I really would like to see a Chopped Underdogs…I want you to bring back the ones that did not make it past the first round for another try. And what the heck? give them another 5 or 10 minutes…I really want to see what they can do! I watch it for the creativity, that's what I want to see. Second chances!

  10. kerry says:

    Turkey Spam, finger limes, corn meal, butterfinger candybar

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