What to Watch: Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

by in Shows, January 5th, 2013

Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off is back tomorrow for Season 2 with new teams of celebrities, new challenges and an all-new location on the West Coast.

In the premiere episode, the stars arrive on the red carpet before meeting their team leaders, Rachael and Guy. The first challenge will test their ability to cook for and entertain a very large crowd of discerning guests.

Watch the Episode 1 preview above and tune in tomorrow, Sunday, January 6, at 9pm/8c. Plus vote for your favorite celebrity. Keep coming back to FN Dish for exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes previews.

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Comments (39)

  1. Epic Fail says:

    I can guess who the first..uh..man was, who was the other? If I hadn't turned it off at 10 minutes, I would would have then. I'll welcome getting an hour on Sundays back.

  2. Wayne says:

    The reason I began watching Food Network and HGTV and such was because it was a clean network. THIS episode…this Rachel and Guy show will NOT be in my lineup. If I wanted to watch this kinda mess, I coulda stayed with the other channels. You lose me this season and I'll spread the word about this low class act of FN. They shoulda edited it out or told these contestants, its a family show.

  3. Sandy says:

    I will watch ANY cooking competition….ANY!!!! But Food Network should be ashamed of tonight's Celebrity Cook-off. I don't care about the kissing bit….but why have the skits at all. I wanted to see what went into the recipes, how they were prepared. And what were they thinking when they cast Gilbert Gottfried? He couldn't even think of a dish, much less put one together! I really hope the following shows improve ( A LOT) because this was an embarassment!!!!! I was cringing just watching it, I can't imagine how Rachel and Guy must have felt.

    • lainer62-portland says:

      I feel the same way but as far as Rachel and Guy – they participted and went along with everything in the show so I don't feel bad for them. They are big enough "stars" on FN to disagree and stand up for what they think is cool/right/quality TV.

  4. LeAnn/Dave says:

    Me and Husband found this episode very funny!! Not what we expected but we did see some good recipes and can't wait to see the rest of this season. If you don't like it?? don't watch it!!

    • Dana says:

      We loved it as a "cooking" show. If we had known it was changing to a "Gay Rights" show we wouldn't have and won't watch now. Maybe they should change the name so we can make a more informed choice.

  5. WriterinSac says:

    I, for one, had no problem with two men kissing–get over it already people. But I was offended by tonight's episode. Why in the world did you have a "celebrity" on that can't cook? That's why the audience is watching–to see celebrities cook. I'll give the show one more chance before I decide to delete from my DVR.

  6. TSRVT says:

    You people offended by this are just intolerant idiots. And yes, I hope that offends you.

  7. TSRVT says:

    This show is really, really awful. My wife and I thought we would give it a try, but it is just bad. The level of the 'cooking' and 'talent' is simply abysmal. I'm mature and progressive enough not to be offended by tow guys or tow girls kissing, but I am offended that FN would air such an awful show. This is like something you would see from a high school AV class. We're not wasting our time on this show ever again.

  8. Francene Lamb says:

    I love Alex so much I can be entertained by her peeling potatoes. I am very happy she won._

  9. Francene Lamb says:

    hate Rachael and Guy's new show. Their celebreties? are disgusting. Please come up with something better than this. I will not watch again.

  10. kboy says:

    Worst show I've ever seen on FN. I was looking forward to this years show but will not watch it again!! Just don't understand how the network could even air this show. Very disappointed. I really like Rachel and Guy but this show makes me wonder why they would even agree to take part. This is the first time I've ever written a review for a show but, just felt like it needed to be said. _

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