What to Watch: Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

by in Shows, January 5th, 2013

Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off is back tomorrow for Season 2 with new teams of celebrities, new challenges and an all-new location on the West Coast.

In the premiere episode, the stars arrive on the red carpet before meeting their team leaders, Rachael and Guy. The first challenge will test their ability to cook for and entertain a very large crowd of discerning guests.

Watch the Episode 1 preview above and tune in tomorrow, Sunday, January 6, at 9pm/8c. Plus vote for your favorite celebrity. Keep coming back to FN Dish for exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes previews.

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Comments (39)

  1. Nancy Famous says:

    Just a bad show. Raw salmon wins because Rachel and Guy didn't like the dressing on the other salad. Plain old grilled cheese wins over more gourmet approaches because Rachel and Guy didn't like the way the cheese didn't melt enough. Why are these two even allowed to judge???? I doubt I will continue to watch this fiasco.

  2. James says:

    Hey, celebrity chefs! STOP tasting your food by dipping your finger and putting it in your mouth!!! THAT'S DISGUSTING!!! Your professional chefs should have taught you the correct way to taste your food.

  3. Pamela Bishop says:

    The episode between Coolio vs Lou Diamond Philips was a great show and both chef did outstanding but I do think it was unfair of Taylor Dayne to take the decor that Coolio had chosen 1st and for that Coolio lost, had lower points for it …she was wrong for that he had said first that he wanted the beige and she grab it being childish, then he went for the chair and she grabs and claim that too he walked away stated he quit I would have personality but he's a man with good taste I applaud you for being the better person although you should have had a better score and not 23 to 28 my opinion you won

  4. lainer62-portland says:

    There are some very nice people competing – I am sure – but let's face it – at least B or C celebrities.Kind of like Celebrity Ghost Stories. Can they not do better than this? If not, don't do. And by the way, after I saw Lou Diamond Phillips (competitor from last year) on Military Channel Movies talking with Pat Sajak who was a DJ in Viet Nam, (like in Good Morning Viet Nam) I think he is a major a@@ h@@@!

  5. Guest says:

    Did Rachael Ray actually say someone was smart because they took a (chicken) wing therefore choosing DARK meat?? They pay this woman millions and she does`nt know chicken wings are white meat???

  6. Guest says:

    Rachel and guy are some of the best people on food network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Joe Gaska says:

    I have always respected the hard work and dedication of both Rachel and Guy. This show is an attempt to somehow cancel their efforts. Shame on the producers, management and staff to offer another shallow reality TV entertainment offering. Consider me as signed-off from further offerings. F-minus of this event. I hope Rachel and Guy can survive the short-minded, ratings focused effort of the production staff. Is anyone listening?

  8. Kaidan says:

    "Celebrity" is such a strong word for this season's cast…

    First season had a stronger group, by far… this season…? budget must be tight.

    • Wyn says:

      By chance I caught the first season and did like the cast of Taylor, Joey, Lou…but sometimes after a first season a show goes a little deep and south. But granted it is for charity and it's nice to see "celebrities" have a chance to give back. I often wondered too if only one charity gets money or is it divided? If 8-10 celebrities compete that leaves quite few charities out.

  9. David says:

    Please don't do this show again.

  10. Epic Fail says:

    At 10 minutes in, for a variety of reasons, I'm out. Horrible, absolutely horrible.

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