What to Watch: Chopped Champions

by in Shows, January 14th, 2013

Chopped ChampionsNo strangers to mystery baskets, unusual ingredients or opinionated judges, four previous Chopped winners are putting their reputations on the line one more time tomorrow night as they compete in the first round of the five-part tournament of Chopped Champions. While these chefs may be returning to familiar settings in the kitchen, they’ll face more pressure than ever as the stakes are now higher than they were in their last battles — on the line this time is a $50,000 prize and the ultimate Chopped title: Grand Champion. Since all of the competitors know what it takes to avoid the chopping block and are used to the sweet taste of victory, each must bring his or her A game if they want to be crowned a two-time champion and score a coveted seat in the grand finale.

Chefs Sylvain Harribey, Kenneth Johnson, Sean Scotese and Lish Steiling are the first four contestants to face off in the tournament, and they’re bringing with them memories of past battles and grand plans for showcasing their culinary chops once again. Flip through this photo gallery to find out more about the Chopped Champions contestants, and be sure to tune in Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 10pm/9c to find out which of these chefs has earned a place in the finale.

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Comments (5)

  1. Mezuniga says:

    I was a fan of your show until today. I'm disgusted by the fact you chopped Sylvain Harribey. You guys prefer to eat fish bones and a fish that was not properly clean and let a guy slip through the cracks who by the way missed an essential ingredient. The worst show I watched was today's. I was sick to my stomach. I cannot reiterate enough how angry I am.

  2. Martha says:

    Yes – it appears the judges prefer the arrogant foul mouth chef that serves fish bones – his dishes did not even sound appealing. Hopefully his family will encourage him to clean up his language. Why FN thinks anyone would enjoy listening to his mouth. . . . shameful!

  3. William says:

    Aw Man! I'm watching chopped tonight, and after the appetizer round a commercial for Chopped Champions comes on that shows clips with one of the Chefs on the very show I'm watching. Guess I know who wins!

  4. sohbet says:

    very blogs thanks admins

  5. sohbet says:

    goood blog fine administrator

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