The Many Faces of Chopped Judges

by in Shows, January 18th, 2013

Chopped JudgesWhether they’re smiling, cringing, panicked about diminishing time on the clock or just stumped by a use of ingredient or technique, all nine of the Chopped judges have very telling faces.

Browse through a gallery of some of the best Chopped judge face-moments captured throughout the seasons.

Here’s one of our favorite photos. Vote for your favorite now in the poll below.

The Many Faces of Chopped Judges

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Comments (21)

  1. Chris says:

    Ya know- I've been watching your show "Chopped" for quite some time now. And I must say it is really making me angry. I've seen so many women kicked off the show-that shouldn't have been " Chopped". We listen to what you say about their dishes – in between commercial breaks. You talk so wonderfully about a woman's dish- next thing you know their gone.. I really like your show. But if the situation continues- I won't be able to watch any more. I understand the rules and what is expected of each chef. The three mandatory rules. But if a woman gets everything on her plate & a fella forgets to fully plate the dish..they should be gone. I hope you look back and count how many women have been tossed on your show.
    I hope this trend ends.
    Best Wishes,

  2. Lester Warwick says:

    I have an idea for your Chopped show. i think you should have a charity show and have all the Food Network Stars compete against each other and find the Best one. With interesting Mystery boxes

  3. Sue says:

    Please take a look at mixing up the judging panel and adding some new faces. I really like the judges but introducing some new faces wouldn't hurt. Chef Lynn Crawford and Chef Michael Smith would make outstanding additions to a great show.

    • Mike says:

      No way. Seriously, no offence, but the chemistry between the current judges is what makes the show. Haven't you watched shows with some of the more newer judges? Borrrinnggg

  4. ROBERT says:


  5. sandyluwhoo says:

    Tonight's show was a joke- Vincent should not have won- as they stated- he had 2 near perfect submissions prior to dessert after they said his appetizer had nothing right. How does that make 2 near perfect-what were they thinking? Vincent did well in Main and dessert- but blew the appetizer…. I am disgusted by the unfair treatment- she should have won!!!

  6. tim says:

    How come you never see Chris Santos do anything besides judge? He scared to get criticized or prove how good he really is? Haven't seen him tackle anything but judge……and he is probably the harshest …jus sayin

    • Guest says:

      Chris was on Chopped Celebrity chefs and was voted out the first round. His food was a mess!

    • Berta says:

      I agree. Can't stand to watch Chris Santos and his so called judging. His ego is beyond belief. His body language says "I am the greatest"-needs to look at himself as others do. Doesn't seem to like anything but to criticize and belittle contestants and seldom agrees with other judges (nick picky). Not a good mentor for up and coming chefs.

  7. Guest says:

    When did it become o.k. for a person to turn a fork upside down, scrape food onto the back of the fork with a knife and use the knife AND fork to shove food in your mouth? Do these judges think they are being so very European by doing this? They look like slobs, sticking their tongue out to catch the food that is carefully balanced on the BACK of their fork. There is a reason the fork is shaped like a spoon, do you eat with the spoon upside down?

  8. Mary Evans says:

    Your judges to too much salt or not enough

  9. Mary Evans says:

    Too much salt or not enough,not fair to any of them, one round it is not enough,second too much, amanda freitag, go away, carlos santos ????[polldaddy 6890105 polldaddy]

  10. BB2 says:


    • Guest says:

      You know, if the judges are on the show to judge the food presented to them, they should eat it and judge it on it's merit. The contestant should not have to cook AROUND what the judges like and don't like. Such as Scott doesn't like raw, red onions, Alex likes acidity, a lot of it, Jeffery likes meat and potatoes. Some don't like the texture, Chris likes sweet deserts and others do not. The judges weren't given a menu ahead of time to pick what they wanted, nor were the contestants given items they want to cook with. Judge the contestants on the food they prepared from the basket, not your particular likes and dislikes….after all, this isn't Burger King where you get it your way!

    • Guest says:

      I agree, acts like a star…..he isn't. Sad to say he's so rude! Not as bad as Alex tho. She's awful.

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