Restaurant Revisited: Windseeker Restaurant

by in Shows, January 16th, 2013

Robert Irvine on Food Network's Restaurant: ImpossibleFor Windseeker Restaurant in The Dalles, Ore., the problems went beyond a tired dining room and lackluster food. They had been battling negative press for years, and owner Veta Bingman and general manager Patty Taylor faced a constant struggle to attract customers to their out-of-the-way location, despite the breathtaking river views that surround them. In just two days and with a $10,000 budget, Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team transformed the eatery into a sophisticated space complete with a high-quality menu that would improve Windseeker’s local reputation. We checked in with Patty a few months after Robert left to find out how the restaurant is doing today.

Comparing year-over-year numbers, Patty says that “Business is up by $30,000″ following the renovation, and she adds that the cost of food and wages has increased as well. Since their Restaurant: Impossible experience, the staff has not borrowed money from the restaurant.

Veta has allowed Patty to run the restaurant within her role as general manager, which recently has become more important than ever, as Veta has been in and out of the hospital. Patty is no longer bartending or cooking lunch, but she continues to be a front-of-house server and has also taken on the responsibility of ordering supplies for the restaurant. Despite these demands, Patty tells us that she was able to take a vacation in October.

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Comments (442)

  1. Bonnie says:

    Patty is a bully!!! I have worked for "women" like her and they are nothing but trouble for everyone. They look for the bad in everything!! This is not a positive approach to running anything successfully. Treat people like you think they want to be treated (Platinum Rule) and you will get so much more out of them. Patty needs to go and go fast……………………

    PS I Love Robert Irvine. He is awesome.

  2. Guest says:

    Who really cares folks? It is just entertainment. And a lot better than other reality shows :)

  3. Bret says:

    People get far too easily butt hurt in this country these days. Everyone is going to have a different opinion, but if you allow it to effect you as much as this had, you'll drive yourself crazy! Spend your time doing something productive instead of being overly sensitive about a REALITY TV show!

  4. Mary Loomis says:

    A classmate, her sister & I went to the Windseeker after the remodel. Patty was on vacation. Went on a Friday night. Loved the new look.

    We were seated by the window, loved the river view. The SERVER never said who she was. Got our drinks. Chris ordered WINE. I got a coke. Unsure what Beth got. The server never said what the specials were. Took our order. We always had our drinks empty before they were refilled. Chris wanted another glass of wine but the server never ever asked if she would like another glass. Why should she have to ask for another glass. Our food was good. But our drinks kept running dry before they were refilled. If you have small glasses & the table is drinking lots of water, leave a pitcher of ice water at the table. That would of been nice.
    Paid our bill. Loved the fireplace. But as we were leaving I saw the specials were written on a caulk board they had painted on the wall. Loved that idea. I would of rather had a special but the server never mentioned it.

    The servers need training on how to say what the specials are. What is their name. Come back before the drinks run dry. If they are drinking soda's fast, get another glass on the table before it runs out. A pitcher of ice water would of been great on our table.

    Thanks Patty for being the GM. Your doing a great job. It's a hard job. You did wear too many hats. Hope you had a great vacation. You deserved it.

    Sure happy we had our 35th class reunion at the Windseeker. It was before the remodel. Maybe our 40th at the Windseeker. Love the view.

    Thanks to Robert Irvine & crew for the great remodel.

    • Rick S says:

      I bet the help work better together when patty was gone then they do when shes around..

      • MattfromWA says:

        Didn't you understand what Mary wrote? Patti was on vacation when Mary and her friends went and the service sucked.

        • Mary Loomis says:

          Service sucked with Patty gone. Who ever took her spot while she was gone should of seen what was going on. But maybe they do not care. Patty deeply cares about the place & the owner.

  5. Amy says:

    What about my original post was negative in any way exactly?

  6. Rick S says:

    I just finished watching this restaurant episode windseeker and when i saw the way the owner ''mother'' treaded the daughter i was set back ,, this owner is being misled by patty ,, ''the help'' ,,
    It's so sad that Mom doesnt care more towards her own blood then some person who wants the business later in life ,, its so easy to see patty is working the owner to give her the restaurant instead of letting it go to the daughter ,, i would have fired patty the first chance i could just for being a back stabbing mongrue she is

    • MattfromWA says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I had the opposite reaction about Patti and Tiffany. Tiffany ran off the first minute that Robert started getting into the meat of the issues. For Gods sake, she was scheduled to work at the reopening, but was going to blow it off and "and maybe come to eat"…and you call Patti a 'parasite' and 'skank'? Patti has put the restaurant on her back ,and yeah, a part of her motivation is probably about protecting her (as well as the rest of the staffs) job, but she also wants Veta to have a thriving business. Patti hasn't taken advantage of Vetas generosity and borrowed money nor did she ever say anything about wanting to sometime own the business. How do know that Patti has deceptive motives about trying to gain ownership of the place? Hell, practically the first thing out of Tiffany's mouth when Robert first talked to her was that the restaurant would someday be hers.
      How do you justify calling Patti a skank; do you even know what that means? You really need to think about what you are going to say and check yourself before you start typing guy.

      • JofromCA says:

        Well, I have to say that I was extremely offended by the way this woman, Veta, treated her own daughter. It was really sad to watch her going on and on and on about how wonderful her Patty is, while her own daughter is banished to the garden like Cinderella?? Wow. O.k., even if she had drug problems and was hanging out with the wrong people ten years ago (as she stated), this is her daughter. I would have run away, too, if my own mother said that to me: " You can get another job – you don't have to depend on your mother forever." Wow, the cruelty she portrays toward her own child is unreal. As she's running away crying, the only thing the mother says is "There's always drama with her." And, of course, she was hesitant to come to opening night after the way she was treated! I think Robert should have defended her more, rather than getting on the bandwagon with the other two. And what about the other employees with drug problems? Why had they been allowed to work there??? All of these other employees can depend on her for their livelihood (including Patty), but her own daughter can't? If her daughter had or has drug problems, she needs her help. She certainly seemed together and wanting of a new start. I think this mother should be ashamed of herself. I lost my own daughter to cancer at the age of 34. She wasn't perfect and she put us through a lot. I would give anything to have her back now, no matter what she put us through 10 years ago!! How can a mother treat this woman Patty like a God and her own daughter like a dog? Unreal. Disgusting

        • ES22 says:

          Amen~ Very well said, JofromCA. I totally agree with you. I think Patty needs to go. The mother needs to get a new GM and not only let her daughter back into her life; but actually welcome her daughter back into her life; and get some family counseling for the two of them. Bottom line, Patty needs to go. It Patty has a backbone and any respect for Veta or (or herself for that matter) she'll resign and move on with her life. How about it Patty? Do you have enough human decency in you to step down from your position at the Windseeker restaurant and move on down the road? You could do the right thing for once? Even if you think you can't but want to, just try it on for size. Take a step in the right direction and see how good it feels to be doing something you can actually applaud yourself for. You might even find that it feels so good, you end up creating a whole new way of being for yourself. Whatever you end up doing Patty, I sure hope you can someday find your peace with God! Blessings to them all. Including the staff.

          • SherbearRecinellas says:

            I agree too, I thought Robert should have taken Tiffany's side. It made me sad to watch the way Tiffany was treated by all of them.

      • Con says:

        I worked with Patty and she is what she is a rude controll freak everything needs to be done her way because Patty knows all (so she thinks).

    • jofromca says:

      Read my reply to Matt because I agree with you! That mother should be ashamed of herself.

    • No Dirty says:

      I kind of find it ironic that all they talk about is the relationship between Tiffany and her mom when there has been 2 daughters running the place for years, has everyone forgotten about Teddy? The resteraunt and bar have the reputation it does because of there involvement and the people they choose to associate with, it didn't get the name "Wind Tweeker" for nothing. That had nothing to do with the mother. Now is it appropriate to air such laundry on national television, no!! That had no business being put on the show!! But you can't have such a long time standing reputation in a small community and expect it to get changed around overnight. Mom has the power to make this resteraunt good, if she used her brain!! The resteraunt is the way it is because of the family that owns it, no other reason than that!! I live local and will not go to that place, with places like the "windtweeker" we all know how The Dalles got the name "The Dirty"!!!

  7. Rick S says:

    It should be the Daughter standing besides the Mom ''Not the Scank patty…. And robert did the potato trick it would have worked better if patty wasnt there to stare them down i know for a fact more of the help would have been honest other then just 4

    • Mary Loomis says:

      Well you saw the show. Her daughter drove off. The Mr Irvine had to call her to get her to come in. Her Mom could not get her to come in. Maybe with the daughter out of the restaurant, the place cleaned up of drugs. Maybe her Mom has had it with her running the show. Maybe it was her that owes her Mom the $38,000. This can go on & on.

  8. Rick S says:

    I think patty is a parasite… Family means more then the help Mom open your eyes ,,

  9. Miso2 says:

    I do not know anyone who works at the Windseeker. This is an unbiased opinion of my experience:

    I went into the Windseeker many months after the remodel and the service was beyond excellent, and by the Windseeker's very own, Patty. I had five kids at a "kids" table we created and some fifteen adults at another table. There was a full glass of water spilled, kids walking in and out of the back door to explore the garden and confusing orders. I was a mess! Patty calmly and kindly took care of everything while trying to make me feel better. And she got all the orders correct, refilled coffees before they were empty and I ended up enjoying myself when I thought I was going to lose my lid in the beginning. And the food was excellent. I DON'T care about the gossip in the show or written here. It's not my business as long as they are operating their restaurant well enough to serve good food with a good attitude. And that's exactly what we received.
    Good job, Patty!

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