Restaurant Revisited: Windseeker Restaurant

by in Shows, January 16th, 2013

Robert Irvine on Food Network's Restaurant: ImpossibleFor Windseeker Restaurant in The Dalles, Ore., the problems went beyond a tired dining room and lackluster food. They had been battling negative press for years, and owner Veta Bingman and general manager Patty Taylor faced a constant struggle to attract customers to their out-of-the-way location, despite the breathtaking river views that surround them. In just two days and with a $10,000 budget, Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team transformed the eatery into a sophisticated space complete with a high-quality menu that would improve Windseeker’s local reputation. We checked in with Patty a few months after Robert left to find out how the restaurant is doing today.

Comparing year-over-year numbers, Patty says that “Business is up by $30,000″ following the renovation, and she adds that the cost of food and wages has increased as well. Since their Restaurant: Impossible experience, the staff has not borrowed money from the restaurant.

Veta has allowed Patty to run the restaurant within her role as general manager, which recently has become more important than ever, as Veta has been in and out of the hospital. Patty is no longer bartending or cooking lunch, but she continues to be a front-of-house server and has also taken on the responsibility of ordering supplies for the restaurant. Despite these demands, Patty tells us that she was able to take a vacation in October.

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Comments (442)

  1. Bob B says:

    From what folks have said…the new design is very noisy…more like a sports bar. Aren't that many "nice" restaurants in the Dalles. I am not sure if The Dalles has the economic base to support another upscaled priced restaurant. (Already have Baldwin's Saloon & Portage Grill Shilo Inn) Cousins is more of a family restaurant–like Denny's (though the food is fresh prepared). What we really need is a Golden Corral.

  2. Texas Owner says:

    Increasing sales $30,000 over last year can't be correct. That's only $50/day if you figure being open 6 days a week. And if food costs and labor costs have gone up we need an update as to when Windseeker closed.

    • MuddyFuddy says:

      Let's cover one crazy eye and concentrate on MATH.

      $50 x 6 = $300 (week) x 52 weeks = $15,600

      $30k = $96.15 a day (not $50/day)

      Okay, you can uncover that crazy eye now!

      • Jared says:

        That's not right either! They are saying that the restaurant is up $30000 over the same month last year. That means they are making over $1000 per day more than they were making at the same time last year. Ok, you can uncover both your eyes now.

  3. Jesse says:

    You're an idiot. Bleeding heart liberal fanatic freak. Boycott a show because an employee refers to herself as a pitbull. PITBULL, PITBULL, PITBULL….IM A PITBULL!!

  4. Trol slayer says:

    Amy you cracked me up! You're obviously just trolling and you did quite well, I applauded you! To anyone who wants to reply to Amy, know this, it's a troll. A troll is someone who looks to incite people into online arguments. They post incendiary comments then fan the fires of people's outrage with their replies. "Amy" is probably a pimply high school boy who loves trolling. So don't reply, just ignore all of her comments.

  5. Amy says:

    Again-Do some research on the breed-which was my original point btw-then I would be willing to have a debate. But, to personally attack someone just because they have a differing view from yours is just childish. And to make a comment like yours intended to do nothing but instigate something is even more childish and just sad. Everyone of you that have tried to make this personal are really brave in the comforts of your home. The difference between me and you-and I HOPE not the only one-is that I have the balls to say it out in public too. Apparently, that makes me psycho, or whatever I've been called on here.

  6. I did not see this episode and i am a huge pit bull fan myself, but I am trying to figure out why pit bulls were even mentioned. Just consider the source and Karma will meet up with her in the future.

    • Saul says:

      so if you didnt see the show how do you know pit bulls were mentioned? and by a "her"? you seem to have annimosity towards "her", but how could you if you didnt see the show, dont know if it was a him or her making the comments, or what exactly was said? smells like bull dung to me!

  7. guest says:

    It's amazing to see all of these opinions from people who are now experts on these people and their family dynamics after watching a 1 hour edited show about their resturant! Tiffany almost single handedly brought her mothers business down with her behavior! She is lucky to be working in the garden and yes its pretty. Veta was reluctant to admit to chef the problems that they had if you ask me what was Tiffany thinking?She should have known this would come out. Someone made a comment about chef not being compasionate dont you think that maybe a little talking went on and they decided to spare Tiffany any further embarrasment by not including and hashing her drug problem on national tv? Veta is trying to show her daughter tough love and obviously she still wants to be part of her life or why would she let her anywhere around the resturant there are other people who can make pretty gardens!

    • good guess says:

      fyi guest is patty..

    • Paula says:

      Guidance is a blessing if you listen, I love Mr. Irvin, he himself have learn from a lot of experience. So people need to listen, the man is alright.

    • JACK says:


  8. Lisa says:

    If you are a GM & act like Patty, the owner should fire you. Yet, if the owner is codepedent on you & you take advantage of it, you're both shallow. The daughter should have walked into the newly remodeled restaraunt along side Patty & her mother. Patty will probably be left the restaraunt instead of the daughter. That doesn't say much for the mother & as a mother, I feel sorry for Tiffany that the owner is her mother! She is cruel & unforgiving!!!! Patty has a back stabbing personality to get what she wants she is passive.

  9. guest says:

    your going to "boycott" the show for something somebody said on it? Thats dumb!

  10. Holly Kessler says:

    We just had a truly delicious dinner at the new Windseeker. It is beautiful inside and the staff was friendly and helpful. I don't know about the other problems, but the meal was so delicious we will go back. My husband had the seafood fettucine and I had the chicken dijon. Tasty! No complaints.

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