Restaurant Revisited: Whiskey Creek Steakhouse

by in Shows, January 2nd, 2013

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleAt Whiskey Creek Steakhouse in Keyport, Wash., Robert Irvine found not just poor food and a dark, drab interior, but also untrustworthy staff members. After just two days, Robert had established systems that would help the owners, Pat and Karan Ziarnik, regain control of their restaurant and slowly pay off debt, and the eatery reopened as a welcoming, sophisticated steakhouse with crowd-pleasing food. We checked in with Pat and Karan a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible renovation to find out how the restaurant is doing today.

Pat and Karan tell us that October was a “very busy” month at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse. Since Robert left, they’ve begun to pay back some of their debt, and their overall financial situation is now “better than before.”

Thanks to the new, effective systems in place, Pat and Karan perform “a lot more double checks” to deter costly staff actions. Recently two staff members were let go, “mostly because they were caught doing other wrongs,” they tell us.

Both owners are working at the restaurant daily, and they say that customers have told them the food looks “clean” now. The most popular menu items are “prime rib and rib eye steak,” they note.

Pat and Karan have yet to make time for a date together, but they explain, “We have a dog that thinks he is our son, and we are stuck with him 24-7, but we love him.”

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Comments (222)

  1. ArianBlair says:

    I am SO happy for their success! What a wonderful, loving couple that truly deserves happiness! :)

    • Deborah Ann says:

      I agree, I enjoyed the couple (owners), and hope for them great happiness. You could tell how close they were. Great couple. I hope they are going to work though, and keeping an eye on their investment. They don't need to live at work, but they need to either hire a GM, or go to work. Great show. I enjoyed it.

  2. keepinitreal says:

    I read mdyoung1971 comment and was appalled. Robert helped turn a failing restaurant into one that has a chance now. I would like to ask her what's the location of the Dairy Queen she manages.

  3. Sally says:

    Whiskey Creek is on the brink of closing, a good friend of mine in the area just told me.

    It's sad to see you go WC, but it was fun while it lasted.

    Enjoy your retirement guys!

  4. Nicole says:

    i love this show……………

  5. geekasaurus says:

    About 2 year ago I stopped by this restaurant on the way home from Poulsbo. I was shocked at the prices posted outside..more expensive than I could have imagined but I figured it must be good food for such prices.
    The restaurant was just opening for the day. I went in and it was indeed dungeonlike. No tables were ready for service and a bunch of people at the bar as well as the staff gave me the "you ain't from around here" type of look. I figured it was just a local watering hole full of people who don't like outsiders. After waiting around for about five minutes with no acknowledgement from anyone I turned around and left. Good thing I saved about $30 on that trip!
    If I was loosing everything like my house, cars, savings etc. I certainly would have figured out the restaurant finances and been around more than a few hours a day!

  6. Washington native says:

    Went there for lunch yesterday to see what it would be like. Had a friend with us who had been their prior to the renovation. The concepts used were great, the food was ok, but the service was somewhat to be worked on. One of our party had to get up to ask for a status on their meal and it was sitting in the window ready to go out but no one rang the bell (by the way the server/greeter was in the bar area with his back turned to the kitchen and nose in a planner). New customers arrived while there and they looked confused as far as what was going on. The new decor was good but the lighting was too dim for most to be able to see what they are eating let alone reading/looking at properly. The entry door by the kitchen is a trip hazard for those who have trouble walking or using a walker due to the uneveness in the floor and door jam. Not many in there so not real sure when they pick up the majority of their business (apparently not Saturday afternoons). Some in our party love the show and not too happy to see the time, money, and skill/work of the crew end up the way it has in just a few short months.

  7. Irvana says:

    Ohhh my lol… Robert is a bada$$ but… he does kind of look like a buff rat lol. I would not say that to his face thought lol. Good stuff buffratfan. lol

  8. Lamar says:

    Somebody needs to make that designer spend more than ten minutes with that gawd awful green paint before she uses it again. It just keeps showing up, kinda like herpes.

  9. Laura says:

    Nothing has changed – owners/mgt nowhere in sight, terrible service, and food still inconsistent and some of it still inedible. Seems a waste for Restaurant Impossible to have given a week to help out, if even the owners don't care. I'm just baffled that the owners took the time to fill out the lengthy application to have the show come, yet can't put the same time in to making the restaurant successful. Something is fishy here.

    • WCSH Marketing Team says:

      Thank you for your reply Laura. We are working on making every visit a better experience for our customers. ~WCSH Team

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