Restaurant Revisited: Whiskey Creek Steakhouse

by in Shows, January 2nd, 2013

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleAt Whiskey Creek Steakhouse in Keyport, Wash., Robert Irvine found not just poor food and a dark, drab interior, but also untrustworthy staff members. After just two days, Robert had established systems that would help the owners, Pat and Karan Ziarnik, regain control of their restaurant and slowly pay off debt, and the eatery reopened as a welcoming, sophisticated steakhouse with crowd-pleasing food. We checked in with Pat and Karan a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible renovation to find out how the restaurant is doing today.

Pat and Karan tell us that October was a “very busy” month at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse. Since Robert left, they’ve begun to pay back some of their debt, and their overall financial situation is now “better than before.”

Thanks to the new, effective systems in place, Pat and Karan perform “a lot more double checks” to deter costly staff actions. Recently two staff members were let go, “mostly because they were caught doing other wrongs,” they tell us.

Both owners are working at the restaurant daily, and they say that customers have told them the food looks “clean” now. The most popular menu items are “prime rib and rib eye steak,” they note.

Pat and Karan have yet to make time for a date together, but they explain, “We have a dog that thinks he is our son, and we are stuck with him 24-7, but we love him.”

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Comments (222)

  1. Kari says:

    Moved away from the area. I remember when the whiskey steakhouse was highlighted in the local magazine, my husband was the photographer. It was our favorite steakhouse and would recommend it to everyone. Sad to hear they hit rough times, but excited Restaurant Impossible was able to help rejuvenate the restaurant and the owners. Looking forward to visiting my old favorite. :) Good luck Pat and Karan!

    • Kathy says:

      Update as of Nov. 2013 – I visited a mo. or so after the show and the menu was different but not what the show had put together. We had to order our lunch at a tall table at the entrance from a chalkboard and then go to the bar and order our drinks (even tea) and pay there. Then find our own table. Food was ok but we didn't go back. Fast forward to Nov. 2013 – they for whatever reason moved across the street into a larger place. Went back for lunch with same friends. Greeted and seated with real menus and everyone of the staff was interactive, fun and the food was great. Dinner prices are high so we'll probably stick to lunch, but it was open and bright and they did bring some of the "new" Whiskey creek over – looked like the bar and the idea of the cut rounds are at the entrance. Didn't see the owners, but that's not necessary if they are staying plugged in.

  2. tiredofweirdos says:

    what??? English is not your language my dear. What a weird comment!!!!!!!!

  3. DaveK, USN Retired says:

    Having been residents of Keyport for nearly 30 years, my wife Sue and I spent many happy hours in The Torpedo Shop Tavern when it was owned by Audrey. My wife was a cook there in the 1990's, way before Pat & Karan bought it and turned it into a Yuppie Joint. Some of the locals tried to help Pat & Karan with the transition, and made suggestions that never went anywhere. At one time Pat wanted to cut back on the parking area in back of the restaurant and make it into a volleyball court. Come ON…this is Washington State not Southern California! I told Pat that if he did so, it would become the biggest cat litter box in Kitsap County. He went ahead with it…and it became the litter box that cats for miles would come and enjoy. They finally got rid of the volleyball court!! When Pat and Karan changed the restaurant's name to Whiskey Creek Steak House and got their hard liquor license, they bluntly told the locals/neighbors and long-time customers that they were no longer welcome there. Sue and I dropped by one day after work for our regular Rainier beer on tap…only to find that it was no longer on tap. After waiting 20 minutes for service…we could tell that we were no longer welcomed there. By the way, the "bees nest" that Robert Irvine referred to in the episode was actually a hornet's nest that came from a tree in our front yard years before Pat & Karan ever took an interest in the business. It was vacant of hornets, given three coatings of shellac and hung up on a beam in the back of the restaurant…the reason being is that my last duty station in the U.S. Navy prior to my retiring with 22 years of active service, was with VFA-125, a Fighter Attack Squadron (flying, the then new Hornet aircraft) based at Naval Air Station, Lemoore, California. I was surprised to see that it was still there after all these years. If you watch the Whiskey Creek episode you will also see (30 minutes into the telecast) a red/white lighthouse…I built that in 2003 prior to my second retirement…from Federal Service (Keyport/Puget Sound Naval Shipyard) of 20 years. It is in our front yard…so at least my efforts there were seen on national television. Having known Pat & Karan and Tommy (bartender) for years…when I first watched the episode I could tell it was a JOKE! It wasn't so much what WAS said for the TV, but more what WASN'T said…Tommy (who is talkative) wouldn't say a word…very odd! Pat & Karan were playing their cards up close…trying to bluff their way through the show…if anyone was stealing anything it was them!!! Yes, the business moved across the street to the old Continental Inn building. Pat & Karan sold it to new owners, who have made some changes: the menu prices have gone down, they have Brunch on Sundays, and Happy Hour everyday…and Rainier Beer is back on tap…and the locals are coming back too!!!
    Pat & Karan left Keyport and moved out to Ocean Shores on the coast…and they are not being missed at all!!
    The old Torpedo Shop Tavern building is now occupied by a Mexican restaurant. If you have not been to Keyport before or for some time, I urge you to come by and see the new Whiskey Creek Steak House Restaurant and/or the Mexican restaurant. I initially thought that Pat & Karan should be required to pay back for the improvements that Robert Irvine made for them, but in the long run, I say "Good riddance!!!" They had
    Whiskey Creek for 20 years..they.used and abused customers and employees alike. They are gone now. It took 20 years…but we finally got back a lot of what Keyport enjoyed years ago!

  4. DickH says:

    The restaurant has now closed. The locals just were not comfortable in the new environment.

  5. Janet says:

    My best recommendation is go somewhere else. It's not worth the trip anymore!

  6. donkey says:

    one more item please, didn't quite get that……..

  7. Joanna says:

    OMG…are you an internet idiot who can't contain how many times you post the same message? Or are you just a Troll/Shill for the restaurant?

  8. rootabaga says:

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

  9. yyyass says:

    Well they do own them. But I was suspicious of their response when told of the "missing" money. they're probably going to get audited by the IRS now.

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