Meet Cornelia Guest — Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

by in Shows, January 2nd, 2013

Cornelia Guest
Rachael vs. GuyFN Dish is counting down to the season 2 premiere of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off by introducing a new celebrity contestant every day. The competition tests the celebrities to see who has the culinary chops to win the title of champion and guarantees a $50,000 donation to the winner’s charity of choice. Watch the premiere on Sunday, January 6, at 9pm/8c and keep coming back to FN Dish for exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes previews.

Cornelia Guest is a designer, author and philanthropist who rose to celebrity status as a socialite in the 1980s. You’d think a socialite would never set foot in any kitchen, but Cornelia loves to cook vegetarian food and even caters events. Get to know Cornelia better from her Q&A with FN Dish.

The two words that best describe your cooking style are…
Cornelia Guest: Cruelty-free

What’s your earliest food memory?
CG: Ham sandwiches

What’s the best meal you ever ate?
CG: Truffle pasta

Going into Rachael vs. Guy, who did you think was going to be your biggest competition?
CG: Dean McDermott

Favorite pizza topping?
CG: A pesto sauce

Who is your favorite food TV personality, past or present?
CG: Guy and Rachael…that’s a no-brainer! Then Two Fat Ladies — they were a scream!

What food will we never catch you eating?
CG: Meat

What’s your signature party dish?
CG: My chocolate chip cookies (Cornelia Guest Cruelty-Free Cookies)

Sweet tooth, salt tooth or both?
CG: Sweet!

What kitchen tool can’t you live without?
CG: A knife

What’s the most surprising thing we’d find in your fridge?
CG: Raw chocolate

What music do you like to listen to in the kitchen?
CG: All music — if I’m cooking, I’m dancing and smiling!


Cornelia is playing for The Humane Society of New York.


Meet the rest of the celebrities:
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