Now Available: Food Network Favorite’s One-Pot Wonders

by in Community, January 29th, 2013

Food Network Favorites One-Pot WondersWith a snap — and a tap — of your fingers, Food Network Favorites: One-Pot Wonders delivers a new repertoire of easy dinner ideas and almost-instant party food. Go from weeknight quick-cleanup solutions to wow ‘em Big Game get-togethers using all-new and best-of recipes from favorite Food Network chefs like Alton Brown, Rachael Ray and Paula Deen. One-Pot Wonders is packed with delicious no-side-dish-needed comfort food like chili, lasagna and mix-and-match macaroni and cheese, plus healthy and international twists on classics. With just a skillet, slow cooker, Dutch oven or other basic tool from the kitchen cabinet, the new app shows you how to save time and energy while enjoying mealtime.

It’s filled with more than 50 all-in-one-solution recipes, tips, shortcuts, pantry ideas, videos and our chefs’ most-creative tricks to make chicken, pasta and other go-to ingredients interesting. There are even “casserole” desserts like a super-moist, can’t-miss One-Bowl Chocolate Cake. The result? Family dinners on the table every night, no stress from start to finish.

Download it now: One-Pot Wonders in the iTunes Store

Food Network Favorites: Enjoy recipes, tips and videos on more of your favorite topics like soups and cookies with FN’s new series of little cookbooks with big ideas, available on iPad, Kindle Fire and Android.

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Comments (7)

  1. renee says:

    Why can I not find this in the App Store? I have searched via google and in the store itself.

  2. Renee says:

    Also, the link to Food Network Favorites above on the iPad also leads nowhere.

  3. Peka says:

    Same here… Says not available in the US

  4. Janet says:

    Where is this app available, it sure isn't in the App Store ?

  5. Where can i download this app?

  6. It is nice to read your article and you give wonderful information.

  7. Sabastian says:

    One Pot Wonders are delivering a new repertoire of easy dinner ideas and instant party foods which is very good and helpful opportunity. It do not come with side dish comfort food like chili, lasagna and mix and match and cheese. The recipes, tips shortcuts, pantry ideas all are good.

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