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by in Family, Recipes, January 22nd, 2013

Easy Tomato Soup With Grilled Cheese CroutonsWhile I’m not technically a rookie anymore, I often still feel like one. Don’t get me wrong — my culinary skill set improved significantly in 2012. The many hours spent whisking away in the kitchen more often than not resulted in satisfied taste-testers (luckily, my friends happily oblige to free food). But with so many techniques still to master and trendy ingredients out there to try, it’s hard not to feel a step behind.

To shake these self doubts, I go back to the basics. A challenge is good, but cooking should remain, for the most part, fun. And sometimes there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as simple comfort food.

Ina’s Easy Tomato Soup from Food Network Magazine is just as the Barefoot Contessa promises: fool-proof. It’s a recipe that I am confident in getting right each time. Prep work is minimal and cleanup is a cinch, so the whole process is relaxing. As I let everything simmer together, I could almost hear her cheery voice encouraging, “How easy is that?”

If tomato soup isn’t generally your thing, I beg you to reconsider. I usually opt for chicken noodle or split pea myself, but this combination of ingredients is dreamy. Cream and saffron add a hint of rich indulgence, and orzo gives just the right amount of heartiness. Topped with buttery grilled cheese croutons, this cozy meal reminded me of why I like to cook. Make it tonight and you’ll feel like a star.

Here are a few things to consider before making this recipe:

  • While homemade chicken stock is preferable, store-bought will work just fine (that’s what I used).
  • If you’re skeptical of the croutons, consider this: your fingers won’t get greasy from holding a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • I swapped sharp Cheddar for Gruyere since I already had some in the fridge. Use whatever cheese sounds tastiest to you.
  • Saffron is expensive, but just a pinch goes a long way. You’ll love its warmth and spice.
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Comments (7)

  1. Ren says:

    So happy to see you back, New Girl! Love the post and putting this on the short list of menu possiblities for the SuperBowl – Go 4ers!! Hoping I don't have to wait so long for your next post…

  2. Just Say Cheese says:

    What a great idea to use grilled sandwiches as a crouton!

  3. RuthAnn says:

    I have never been a fan of tomato soup, but I am now due to this receipe. I did change it though too. I used the cheese I had in the fridge, which I believe was sharp cheddar. I just couldn't see spending 15 dollars on Saffron (the price at my local store). If I thought I would use it in other receipes, I might. I just didn't want it sitting in my spice rack dying. So I used fresh Basil, which was great. I also didn't use the pasta. It just doesn't sound right. So…..guess I changed it alot, but the cream and the grilled cheese croutons were out of this world.

  4. steven says:

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  5. sohbet says:

    very blog thanks admin

  6. sohbet says:

    something new and then decide! My kids did too. If they really didn't like it they were not made to eat it. But they did have to re-try it every so often. Tastes do change over time.

  7. sohbet says:

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