Don’t Mess With Triple D! Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off Caption It

by in Shows, January 18th, 2013

Guy and Rachael
Rachael vs. GuyThis season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off takes the celebrity contestants to different places every challenge. In the first episode, the celebrities had it easy in the theater. The second episode had them far out of their element on a farm. But the third episode finds the contestants in a venue that’s pretty familiar for Guy.

In the above sneak-peek photo it appears Rachael and Guy are discussing the dishes in front of them, when all of a sudden they’re distracted by something. Whatever it is, it’s enough to draw a look from Guy and crack up Rachael. What did someone say to Rachael and Guy? What did Guy say in response? Will the teams be able to handle the challenge or will they give up?

We’re challenging you, Rachael vs. Guy fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

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Watch Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off on Sundays at 9pm/8c and keep coming back to FN Dish for the latest on the competition, including exit interviews, recaps and exclusive previews.

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Comments (21)

  1. dan says:

    Yuk… Carnie used her lips to peel the seal off of the Ketchup… total turn off… she should have been tossed immediately… can't believe you guys didn't call her on it!


  2. Sandra says:

    Who the heck chose these "celebrities" and where is my car..I'm outta here!!! I'm with you guy…my husbands home waiting for me to do a little "cookin" with him…if ya know what I mean! This show is a joke!!!

    • debra says:

      I agree with you 100%. Last year was much better & the "antics" on this one aren't even funny, quite annoying. The only one I do like is Chili

  3. I am Not A Cook says:

    Awwwww….is that an egg on your plate…?

  4. Good for lunch Like the eggs add on the sandwich

  5. @KenWyble says:

    Oh look, he brought his friends Diner, Drive-In and Dive…

  6. MeWagner says:

    Guy said "Where is the PB&J Sandwich of the week??

    I'm not really fond of the series this time, but hopefully it will improve. I mean seriously Ms. TLC is complaining about getting "dirt" on her feet, but she has sandals on? And a "socialite vegan"?? Gees..
    I hope this series improves soon. I keep hearing a couple of the celebs calling themselves a chef. I am a better "chef" than anyone I've seen cooking this time. I guess its all for fun and about raising awareness for charities, which is why I'm still watching.

  7. karen_p says:

    Guy says: Dude, Did you really just say BAM! That's Emeril's line. Not mine!

    BTW – I love this show! These two are my favorite chefs on FN.

  8. Charles Vance says:

    I am no longer watching this series. Food Network is (I thought) supposed to be a family oriented network. I am offended by having to watch the flaming, oh, I'm sorry, flamboyant, Johnny Weir sashaying and prancing around like some New Orleans French Quarter drag queen. He is trying to act like a woman to shove his homosexuality in everyone's faces, when for God's sake, women don't even priss around like that! It seems like more and more, Food Network is falling in line with the political correctness fad by having to have a flaming homosexual in every series they air. Look at EVERY season of Next Food Network Star. EVERY season, and each one more flaming than the previous one. I'm completely done with Food Network.

    A Former Viewer.

    • JustMe says:

      I totally agree that the network is allowing JW to go way too far. I've not seen a woman prance around on FN showing TnA that even compares. ps.. I have a daughter who "thinks/thought/or whatever she decides next year is/was lesbian/gay".. So, I have no problem with the choices ppl decide to make with their life. I base my thoughts/opinions about a person based on their "core"..

      However, why allow anyone "above and beyond" the norm?? They seriously need to stop the "show" JW performs each week… I do not believe that it makes it any less a family show just because they are allowing JW to be "way to gay".. I just see that FN is being prejudiced for some "strange" reason.

      • MeGusta says:

        Why is everyone comparing Mr. Weir to a woman. He is a man. He is having fun and working hard. The other contestsants act up sometimes and sometimes they don't look like they're having fun. You are being insulting to him and to women.

        • Charles Vance says:

          I'm comparing him to a woman because he dresses and ACTS like what he thinks a woman acts like. In the first episode when he kissed Dean was disgusting and I am glad that my kids weren't watching it. I am not insulting women, I think HE is insulting to women by his flamboyant "impersonation" of a woman. As far as insulting him, HE is inviting controversy by his "over the top" actions.
          As far as my "lying" about anyone (in your first reply), can you point out one thing I said in my comment that was incorrect?

    • MeGusta says:

      I like this series. The personality and actions of each guest are so realistic, not like other reality shows. Food Network is doing a good job. I think your comment is gross and wrong. It's the only thing related to this show that I wouldn't want kids to see, It's one thing to have an opinion. It's another thing to lie about and insult people you don't like. — Happy Viewer

  9. Sonia says:

    Like so not cool Rachel way too tough and way TOO mean. TOO MEAN TO CHILI THAT"S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!! I bet she can't make a milkshake as good as Chili's… ):

  10. 3DFan says:

    Someone said: Rachael, you can taste revenge. It is sweet, non-fattening and best served cold…
    Guy: Did you taste that in flavor town?

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