An Interview With the Latest Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Castoff

by in Shows, January 13th, 2013

Dean and Cornelia
Rachael vs. GuyEvery Sunday night, FN Dish gives you the exclusive exit interview with the latest castoff from Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, the competition show that features celebrities cooking their way through challenges for a chance to win the title of Cook-Off Champion and $50,000 for their chosen charity. This season will have the celebrities facing real-life situations — far from the glamour of the red carpet — and will test more than just their cooking skills.

On tonight’s episode, the seven remaining celebrities took a trip to Underwood Family Farms. The challenge required them to cook a meal for the farm’s employees utilizing freshly picked produce. The one catch? The celebs themselves would have to pick the vegetables directly from the fields. As expected, not all of them were happy to trade in the red carpet for fields of dirt, but some took to the challenge surprisingly well. Two strong competitors, however, ended up in the bottom two.

Team Rachael took home the farm challenge with Hines’ skirt steak carrying them to victory. That meant that the bottom two celebs on Guy’s team would be cooking in the blind-tasting challenge. Dean’s lamb chops and Cornelia’s stuffed portobello mushrooms were voted the least favorite, so the two had to face off in a battle with corn as their main ingredient.

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For the cook-off, Dean made a corn omelet and Cornelia made a corn salad, dishes that both Rachael and Guy found very flavorful. In the end, however, it came down to technique. Cornelia didn’t cook her corn well enough and was sent home. Six celebrities remain to cook next week, with the teams evenly matched. Watch Cornelia’s exit interview below.

Do you have any regrets about the competition?
Cornelia Guest: My biggest regret in the competition is that I didn’t get to stay and spread the word about vegetarian food, compete for my charity, The Humane Society of New York, and learn more.

Would you have done anything differently in the blind-tasting challenge?
CG: The corn wasn’t cooked very well, so that was a mistake I will never make again. Now I know how to grill corn.

What did you learn from this competition and are you going to cook again?
CG: My biggest success coming out of this competition is that I learned so much. Watch out world, because if I’m ever on another competitive cooking show, I know just what to do and I will win.

What’s next for you?
CG: I’m working on my second entertaining book. So I’m going to be cooking a lot. Rachael and Guy really inspired me to learn and grow as a cook. And so has Dean — he’s the Gourmet Dad. I will definitely write about this experience and how it inspired me.

What do you take away from this competition?
CG: I’ve come out of this competition with so much more knowledge of seasoning. That was one of the things I set out to do here. The other was to win money for my charity. I am so grateful for having been given such a wonderful opportunity to work with two great people, Guy and Rachael — to meet them, learn from them — and also to compete for my charity. I’m just heartbroken that I got knocked out in the second round.

Do you think Cornelia deserved to go home? Leave a comment.

Donate to Cornelia’s charity, The Humane Society of New York.

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Comments (99)

  1. Melissa says:

    Is anyone shocked that the teams have even players now? I'm not.
    Also, I didn't realize that the celebrities needed to know how to cook AND be comedians. Someone please tell team Rachel that they are not funny, just painful to watch when their jokes fail.

  2. dave says:

    Man, this season is really bad! Just a horrible collection of so-called "celebrities". So done with it. The ratings are sure to tank after this.

  3. S/Upset@AGwinningIC says:

    Such a Predictable result; not necessarily exactly who they sent home but the team that was going to be sent to the cook off. This is TV and it just would not be fun to have a final of two members from Guy (or Rachel) Team. So … the way the competition is going to move forward is like this: Next Week someone from Rachel's Team is going to go home (my bet in the cook off will be Carnie and Kathy – who gets thrown off is anyone's guess). The Following week someone from Guy's team is gonna get sent off (since Dean was already in the cook off this week, this one is easy, cook off participants will be Johnny and Chilli).

    My pick for the Final competition is Chilli and Hines. We'll see how good my predictions are in a few weeks. Winner: Chilli

    • cherrycooks says:

      Most FN "competitions" are predictable in that the shows are already in the can when fans are asked to vote for their favorites. Also, if you watch promos carefully, there is an obvious focus on the "competitor" who is most likely to win, i.e. Justin Warner who won FNS last summer and Alex Guarnaschelli who won NIC last month. Both were featured prominently in "teasers" for their respective competitions, both were consistently leading in the fan vote, both received mostly high praise for their weekly cooking expertise, and both were the ultimate winners.

      Johnny Weir has been featured prominently in promos for "Celebrity Cook-Off", and his bio was posted last in the celebrity cast list (save the best 'til last). Weir has also been leading the fan vote with nearly one third of the votes in his favor over other contestants combined. I'm not a betting woman, but my instincts tell me that Johnny Weir is likely to win CCO, and I hope that he also medals at the U.S. Nationals Figure Skating competition later this month.

    • Trisha says:

      The final 2 will be Hines and Dean. Dean will win. Hines will move on to Celebrity Apprentice.

    • LeGuest says:

      I came back to laugh at you. Chili? She hasn't done a d**** thing all three episodes. And now: good riddance to her.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is this show on tv?

  5. stan says:

    should of sent dean home, why is he there anyway. he was first married to a great canadain chef christime cushing he also being candian and cheated on her with of all people torry spellng. i hve lost all respect for him, and he is kind of cocky too. .

  6. lisa says:

    Mary-Jo Eustace was his first wife.

  7. triciA porter says:

    The so called celbrity~s .YIKES! How where they picked , Short straws ?

  8. Darby says:

    I would rather watch reruns of "The Nanny" than to waste another minute watching this "celebrity" show.

  9. MoHub says:

    The thing is that there are celebs known for their culinary chops, but in this group, only Dean seems to have any inkling of what he's doing.

    • Payton Jennings says:

      can you say – set up to win ??

    • marcus sanchez says:

      @MoHub – it was said on the show that Dean is in culinary school. So he has a little bit of an advantage over the other folks on the show. I think he already picked out the name of his FN show . . . he refers to himself as the Gourmet Dad.

      Great idea to have someone win a competition show . . . test the waters on how 'popular' he is with the audience . . . BAM!! a new FN show for the spring.

      I will bet dog over dodo that he's already pitched the idea. Dayyyyyyamm sTRAighT

      • Sandy Jackson says:

        Dean can't season his food – I guess he was sick that day from culinary school. It's call Salt and Pepper!!

      • Melissa says:

        I agree.

      • cherrycooks says:

        You might actually be on to something with your theory. Tori Spelling's late father was a major TV producer and probably the reason that she's worked in the business. If Dean's wife has the money to invest in a Food Network project for hubby, I'd say that it's plausible, and that we might see Dean McDermott in a new FN show "Gourmet Dad". I'd choose to watch that over any show that features the (Paula) Deen Brothers.

        • James Russel says:

          la-de-da to Gourmet Dad – why no just speak the truth and name the show "I eat what I cook and cook what my family likes"

      • tich tran says:

        Plus he admitted that in the past before acting he was working the line in high end restaurant as FIRST COOK(IE CHEF DE PARTIE). And this was way BEFORE culinary school.

    • Juli says:

      If he's not seasoning the food properly and losing the challenge because of it, then he doesn't have that much of an advantage. If it wasn't for Cornelia under cooking her corn, he might have went home tonight.

  10. Melissa says:

    It looks like not very many folks are watching this show now. It's Wednesday and this episode aired Sunday. We are still only on page one of comments. If people liked this show, we would be on page 3 or 4 by now.

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