An Interview With the Latest Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Castoff

by in Shows, January 13th, 2013

Dean and Cornelia
Rachael vs. GuyEvery Sunday night, FN Dish gives you the exclusive exit interview with the latest castoff from Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, the competition show that features celebrities cooking their way through challenges for a chance to win the title of Cook-Off Champion and $50,000 for their chosen charity. This season will have the celebrities facing real-life situations — far from the glamour of the red carpet — and will test more than just their cooking skills.

On tonight’s episode, the seven remaining celebrities took a trip to Underwood Family Farms. The challenge required them to cook a meal for the farm’s employees utilizing freshly picked produce. The one catch? The celebs themselves would have to pick the vegetables directly from the fields. As expected, not all of them were happy to trade in the red carpet for fields of dirt, but some took to the challenge surprisingly well. Two strong competitors, however, ended up in the bottom two.

Team Rachael took home the farm challenge with Hines’ skirt steak carrying them to victory. That meant that the bottom two celebs on Guy’s team would be cooking in the blind-tasting challenge. Dean’s lamb chops and Cornelia’s stuffed portobello mushrooms were voted the least favorite, so the two had to face off in a battle with corn as their main ingredient.

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For the cook-off, Dean made a corn omelet and Cornelia made a corn salad, dishes that both Rachael and Guy found very flavorful. In the end, however, it came down to technique. Cornelia didn’t cook her corn well enough and was sent home. Six celebrities remain to cook next week, with the teams evenly matched. Watch Cornelia’s exit interview below.

Do you have any regrets about the competition?
Cornelia Guest: My biggest regret in the competition is that I didn’t get to stay and spread the word about vegetarian food, compete for my charity, The Humane Society of New York, and learn more.

Would you have done anything differently in the blind-tasting challenge?
CG: The corn wasn’t cooked very well, so that was a mistake I will never make again. Now I know how to grill corn.

What did you learn from this competition and are you going to cook again?
CG: My biggest success coming out of this competition is that I learned so much. Watch out world, because if I’m ever on another competitive cooking show, I know just what to do and I will win.

What’s next for you?
CG: I’m working on my second entertaining book. So I’m going to be cooking a lot. Rachael and Guy really inspired me to learn and grow as a cook. And so has Dean — he’s the Gourmet Dad. I will definitely write about this experience and how it inspired me.

What do you take away from this competition?
CG: I’ve come out of this competition with so much more knowledge of seasoning. That was one of the things I set out to do here. The other was to win money for my charity. I am so grateful for having been given such a wonderful opportunity to work with two great people, Guy and Rachael — to meet them, learn from them — and also to compete for my charity. I’m just heartbroken that I got knocked out in the second round.

Do you think Cornelia deserved to go home? Leave a comment.

Donate to Cornelia’s charity, The Humane Society of New York.

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Comments (99)

  1. Becca says:

    Yes her food was nothing special.. Dean puts his heart and soul intoit BUT Guy's Team got shafted they should have won because Rachels Team was terrible

  2. bwine61 says:

    Unfortunately uncooked or burned corn does not cut it a cooking competition. Also, salt & pepper are a basic in seasoning, no matter what's cooking!!

    • Gary Meyer says:

      scary to think that the competitors are not tasting their own food before serving. Well except for Carnie that said her potatoes were raw and still served them.

      I hope FN has good insurance to cover the folks with food poisoning.

    • Patti Kane says:

      don't call it burned – she was innovative and charred the corn to bring out the natural sweetness and the uncooked – someone already said it – the Raw Food movement

      or she can just blame the grill….

      • Pagan says:

        Or, like Cornelia said herself, she forgot to soak the corn before putting on the grill. She wasn't intending for it to be raw. Just because she's a vegan cook doesn't necessarily mean she's a raw cook. Two totally different things.

        I'm just glad she's gone because she was pretentious and beyond annoying.

      • MoHub says:

        She could have sprinkled it with a little Tabasco and called it Cajun Blackened Corn.

  3. Stacy says:

    I think Dean is going to be the one to watch. I wonder how long the vegan/vegetarian can last in a cooking battle where you never know if meat will have to be used. It might be down to Hines, Dean and Chili eventually. I could be wrong, though.

    • Melissa says:

      I noticed that in both of these episodes, when the vegan is in the cook-off, the meat is missing. If this show is truly not staged, then I will be curious what happens if the vegan has to perform in another cook-off. WHERE'S THE BEEF?

  4. mercy says:

    I like Dean he seems to know a lot about food, I hope to see him in another food network chanllange I hope he wins the competition. I gave birth to a premature child 17 years ago birth weight 1 lbs 8 oz Dean is competting for a good cause so I really want him to win..:)

  5. uldihaa says:

    I think Dean has some legit skills and I'm pleased he won. On the other hand, Kathy Najimy needs to go. Not because of her skills, but because she's doing it for PETA. If she truly loves animals, PETA is the last organization you should be doing things for. They euthanize 95% of the pets tendered into their care, they have no interest in wise animal husbandry, and they feel that humans should be forced to stop eating meat completely. Any money raised for them will be spent on killing pets and bizarre ad campaigns. There are far more worthy organizations that need and deserve the attention.

    • California says:

      Yeah, PETA probably wouldn't want Kathy's tainted winnings anyway … after all it was probably at least funded by the meat industry.

      • James Russel says:

        I'm sure that PETA would love to associated with a person that won them money on a tv network that touts the virtues of slaughtering your own food

    • sheila7 says:

      As long as there are hungry humans in this country, I do not believe the FOOD NETWORK should give money to contestants who play for animals. I make no apology for what say. If you love your pet, take care of it. Rich people, like Cornelia, can donate all they want to. I am more worried about children and the elderly and the homeless. I think it is wrong to win $50,000 for animals and I don't think FNTV should consider it as a legitimate charity. Call me heartless, discriminatory, what ever. I don't care. The Food Network is not supported by animals, but by people. AS I said before, take care of your pet, donate to the charity of your choice, but don't expect the Food Netork sponsors to pick up the tab.

    • tich tran says:

      Read the CNN autocracy with Dean. He admitted to having making all the way to first cook in a high end restaurant in his past BEFORE acting and CULINARY SCHOOL.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I think Cornelia did a great job! She could write a cookbook and donate percentage to humane society.

    • Cynthia Brady says:

      as long as she gives good cooking times – 2x food items were considers 'underdone'

      I think she can get a cookbook out with a ghost writer to help her out on timing and finding flavor.

      • Payton Jennings says:

        most of the cookbooks are done by ghost writers – the celebrity is way to busy
        flavor is as simple as salt and pepper – something the dude who would be a chef don't know how to do

  7. Teri Bradshaw says:

    I missed the 1st show and was so amazed at all those negative comments. 2nd show of Rachel and Gut is -FANTASTIC!!! I thought it was a great competition show that is really celebrity centric. Just a couple of things.

    Dylan McDermott – he's a chef. . or taking cooking classes -is that really fair?
    Raw Corn by Cornelia – isn't that ok – there is a Raw Food movement and you really don't need to cook corn to eat it? I think that was a little odd by the judges

    One last thing – FN had shown a commercial for next week's show and it showed Dylan, Chili and Kathy – no Cornelia – . . . boo hoo. . . FN let the cat out of the bag. But it was still good to show them cook the last dish.

    • the4leafclover says:

      Dean, not Dylan.

    • Payton Jennings says:

      she claims to be a vegetarian/vegan (whatever) but cannot cook properly the veggies she used – in the words of RR – LAME-O

      Raw food movement – don't get me started with the grass chewing crowd they are also LAME -O

      • In a Jam says:

        Vegan cooking is tough. True vegans don't eat animal protiens of any type or animal biproducts–honey and, processed flours…she'd have nothing to cook with if she was really vegan. Vegatarian is a little easier it only eliminates animal products labled as "meat".

    • MoHub says:

      Dean McDermott, not Dylan. Different other person.

    • Trisha says:

      Teri, from the 1st show, you only missed Gilbert Godfreid ruining pb&j sandwiches. Count yourself lucky.

    • tich tran says:

      Actually in a interview he admitted having worked in high end restaurants. First as dishwasher but working all the way up to first cook(also known in europe as chef de par tie). And this was WAY BEFORE CULINARY SCHOOL. But still I am sure everyone on the show get off camera cooking classes.

  8. Jinaya Johnson says:

    One strange comment from Chili – that she and Hines were 'different' from the rest of team members and had not been on the farm.

    Is that the impression everyone else got?

    • Payton Jennings says:

      she payed the 'we are minorities' card – boo hoo for being the token

    • Melissa says:

      I heard her comment and didn't appreciate it. If the shoe was on the other foot, she wouldn't have appreciated either. But I guess it's okay for her to say something like that.

    • Melissa says:

      But speaking of comments, Carnie is quite the back-stabber, isn't she. First, she runs down Hines' dish for being simple but then when her team wins because of HIS dish, she acts like "she told him so." She's not funny, she's a horrible team captain, and she's not a team player. Shame, Shame Carnie.

  9. the4leafclover says:

    Next week someone on Rachael's team will go home, then Guy's…and so on. Gotta LOVE how Food Network thinks of it's audience as half-wits.

    • LeGuest says:

      Sure, because having good cooks & crappy cooks evenly distributed between the teams is cheating & pandering. Woo. What's your take on 9/11?

  10. remy says:

    watched the show and could do without the last minute freak out shrieking from Ra-Ray – lordy if you want someone to get kathy a dish walk yourself over there and get one.

    • Ken Clark says:

      Rachel and Guy are coaches – but I agree with you. . .barking orders really was a little off putting.

      • Patti Kane says:

        barking is what RR does best and she is the best at what she does and what she touches … right …. can you hear my sarcasm

    • Payton Jennings says:

      she wasn't screaming any more than any coach in the NFL – hey she demands perfection from her motley crew of has-been celebrities so be prepared for more screaming followed by the ever popular broken dish and obligatory 'bleep'

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