Chef Wanted: Tuscan Kitchen Update

by in Shows, January 31st, 2013

Chef WantedAt Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, N.H., a recent expansion had owner Joe Faro looking for a new chef. His specific requirement: a passion for artisanal Italian cuisine. Anne and the Chef Wanted team were called in to help. Anne found four candidates, and after some grueling tests, an offer was extended to Chef Anthony De Palma.

Chef DePalma is a veteran when it comes to running a restaurant. He owned his own highly successful restaurant in West Palm Beach, Fla., but lost it after the economy collapsed in 2008. This job interview was the perfect opportunity to turn his luck around. He impressed Anne and Joe with his incredible skills of making pasta, sauce and cheese all from scratch. He breezed through all the challenges until it came to dinner, when a few problems in the kitchen delayed service. But in the end, Chef De Palma won the admiration of Joe and his family and was offered the position of executive chef.

Owner Joe Faro is pleased to have Chef De Palma on board: “He is passionate about the concept, the food and the people. He fits in well.”

FN Dish caught up with Chef De Palma on his first day on the job. Watch the video above to find out what the experience has meant for him, the challenges that lie ahead and all that he’s looking forward to as the new executive chef of Tuscan Kitchen.

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Comments (50)

  1. Patrick says:

    It is only successful people like Chefs De Palma, Burrell and Restaurateur, Joe Faro, who do the work and remembers where they came from and what it takes to make the journey to success making a living doing what brings passion to ones soul. They are the ones who rise up and pay it forward by passing along great opportunities for others to achieve their goals. It is a never ending journey of learning new and aspiring techniques and honing ones skills.

  2. Patrick says:

    It is amazing to me as well how rude and arrogant individuals can be at tearing another down just because of their appearances. Chef Burrell, don’t you EVER change the beautiful person you are inside and out unless it is something YOU want to change for yourself.

  3. Patrick says:

    @ Melissa: For your benefit so as not to embarrass yourself, kindly take your narcissistic emotional arrogance and most ignorant comments and go sell stupid someplace else.

    • Kaye says:

      Ironic that YOU should call someone else narcissistic, considering you posted the same comment three times. Were you afraid someone didn't see your first post? I anxiously await your next intelligent post – NOT!

      • Patrick says:

        Oh I know you're looking forward to a reply Kaye. People like you live for this andI'm happy for you Kaye that your comments and snide remarks make you feel better about yourself. What is truly ironic is that those who post criticisms cannot bear to take it themselves. Like Melissa you choose to argue and ridicule rather than have intelligent dialect.

        • Kaye says:

          Wow. That's it? I was expecting so much more from your intelligent mind. Such a disappointment. I can tell you're a last word freak, though, so maybe you can try again. And it looked to me that Melissa was just thanking Janine for her honest comment on her personal dining experience. You are the nasty with the snide remarks. But you're starting to bore me. ZZZZZZZZ.

          • Kaye says:

            Janina, not Janine. My bad

          • Patrick says:

            You Kaye are a funny woman. We do really have to end this though or people are going to think we’re an old married couple! So I’ll be a gentleman here and let you have those last words.

  4. Roxy says:

    LOVED LOVED the show … and Anne you are great !!!

  5. guest says:

    Congratss Chef Anthony!! Joe Faro is smokin' hot!!!!!! I'm a female, late 40s and thought he was such a sexy man! thanx for the eye candy

  6. tlc says:

    I can"t believe you people would blatantly show your racist personality , as you did on Chef Wanted
    on Thursday night 2/7/13. Cleary, the African American chef is the better chef. I'm boycotting your network.
    Also, I'll incourage others to do the same.

    • Sad4u says:

      Always a race war! When will it end! The Civil war ended 150 YEARS ago. It amazes me that there are still people in our society that want to revert to racism as the blame for all that is negative in the world!!!
      The people involved in slavery died a long time ago. CLEARLY, the African American chef just did not cook as well. Were you there to taste the food! PLEASE!!!!!

  7. Yummy says:

    Congrats to Chef Anthony, what an interview. I would die if i had to go through an interview like that. NO Mercy. Well done chef. I hope you have a long fullfilled chef life at Tuscan Kitchen. Bravo!

  8. Jcog says:

    It was so funny. I went to the Tuscan Kitchen last week and chef Anthony came out to our table to ask how the meal was. I was surprised the chef took the time to check with the guests personally to make sure the food was great. It was and it was nice to see how much he cared about what he put out.

    I turn on the food network tonight to see this episode. Ha I had no idea they were even looking for a chef. That place is huge (two levels) and jam packed…I'm talking 3hour waits on Saturday night, I wouldn't want to be a chef there. It's tough. I was wondering as I watched if they had any idea what they were getting into.

  9. alice esposito says:

    I like Ann Burrel…. her screaming !!!! has go stop! The , no need to yell, instead be an ecourgaement. A kind — maybe a loud voice, but kind voice will go a long way in enourgaging the "new chefs'
    The new chefs are nervous. encourgage them ,, but none of your your!!! screaming.1/2/3////// it is really a turn off, & that is when I change the cahannel…but the thing is I like all the cooking shows….chef wanted is a good show —– except for the loud blond !a

  10. nap says:

    I like Anne. She is good in the kitchen. I must admit ,wild hair in the kitchen is a huge turn off for me

    Even cooking at home, i put my hair up

    Sorry Anne. I've tried to ignore it, but it is just bad form

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