Anne’s Top 10 Tips for Pursuing Your Dream Job

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, January 30th, 2013

Anne Burrell Chef WantedNo-nonsense chef Anne Burrell is taking her passion for the culinary industry one step further in an all-new season of Food Network’s Chef Wanted, premiering tomorrow night at 10pm/9c. If the applicants want to impress Anne and the restaurant’s management, they’ll need more than just stellar food chops and a winning resume to score their dream job.

So how can you be sure that you’re going after the right job? And once you’ve secured an interview, what are some things to keep in mind? We recently sat down with Anne and she dished her top tips for finding a job that fits like a glove:

1. Go for a job that you feel that you’re equipped to love.
2. Do research on the restaurant: its clientele, its owner and the area it’s located in.
3. Find out what the staff size is. It’s important to know how much support you’ll have.
4. Ask yourself why you really want this job.
5. Remain cool under pressure.
6. Commit to a strong work ethic — working in restaurants requires long hours.
7. Don’t try to impress your interviewer — just be yourself.
8. Think about your resume early on: Don’t jump around to a lot of restaurants in a short period of time. That’s a red flag and could indicate that you have wanderlust or are difficult to work with.
9. Remember that your consistency is key.
10. Be respectful, be humble, don’t have an attitude and do make really good food — food you love.

Click the play button below to watch a preview of tomorrow’s brand-new season premiere.

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Comments (22)

  1. Cris says:

    There are many so called "Foodies" that don't have a clue as to what really goes on in a kitchen! All they do is sit around at the table and criticize everything since they are such pathetic addicted cell phone junkies, waiting to rip apart any restuarant and their chef with their limited knowledge reviews. Makes me sick to my stomach to see how disrespectful this new garbage of diners are.

  2. Nancy says:

    I get a kick out of Ann she has Moxie! I love watching her cook I feel her love for working the kitchen. I enjoy this show for I have been a waitress where the kitchens were loud but the food was great and I never had a problem handing back a plate saying chef this isn't correct. Every chef I have worked with has always wanted each dish to be right the first time so they always worked with me to get it right. I always knew it wasn't personal it was business if a chef and I had works over a dish. I miss working fine dining. So Ann you go girl and rock the Moxie!

  3. Ruthie Harris says:

    I would love to be on food net work. I own a bridal business and love cooking tell me where to start .
    sincerely yours
    Carousel weddings and wedding day planning you can see one of my cakes on local under wedding planners in cleveland, tenn.

  4. ruthie harris says:

    I love Ann she is great I watch her often

  5. Lorrie says:

    The culture in a restaurant kitchen can be hectic and loud at times. I've had loud discussions with a chef before as a waitress trying to get something right for a customer. It happens. Anne is trying to mentor these chefs and help them get a position. She doesn't want them to fail. She's the drill seargeant of their dreams.

    • Chef_of_Love says:

      It is tv theatrics not needed nor wanted, it won't help you do better having someone yelling, the tests I think are not fair as some chefs finish but leave off one item, that are sitting right there, this isn't "Chopped" lol if I want a chef I want the best they can give but not in 30 minutes as that isn't relevant to real life. They are in kitchens they don't know and finding things is time consuming, as a chef I have mise en place for items I am doing and its clockwork. Now it would be about the taste texture and temperature. and not the clock. I was going to apply for the show but for reasons stated I am holding off. I like the run the joint for a nite part as that shows more of who you are and if you can captain the line.

  6. Salada Chef says:

    Congratulations Anne, your show is great! Because of you I just bought this salad spinner (centrífuga de salada)… and it's really good. That's why you are using!!!

    I'm from Brazil and I use to watch your show and i like very much!


  7. resume help says:

    I have cooked Chef Anns recipes since she first appeared on food network. But watching her new show, "Chef Wanted" last night, I was shocked at all of her screaming. Is this just theatrics, or are all of us foodies to believe that this is the climate of all professional kitchens? Seems like she is an amazing chef, but what are we to learn about what kind of a person she is? On the other hand, it all may just be scripted for ratings. I'm hoping for the later.

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